Do Afrikaans hate English speaking Whites in South Africa?

I was reading an article about the mining riots happening atm and it appeared an "English" White speaking South African was arguing with an "Afrikaaner"?

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  • 8 years ago
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    @ Mark - False. Realistically speaking, Afrikaners don't particularly give a damn about that. Afrikaans media is in abundance in SA and many English publications have an Afrikaans counterpart and vice-versa. Old generation Afrikaners do have some trouble with fluency, but the new generation have no qualms about English being the standard lingual middle ground in SA and many are pretty good at speaking it (whilst the vast majority of the English here are monolingual.) You could pin that to globalisation and the information age in a sense.

    @ Asker - Your average Afrikaner does not hate the English. In fact, we generally tend to get along without a hitch, despite the fact that some stereotyping exists (on *both* sides of the fence, make no mistake) but really, I wouldn't classify that as real animosity. Afterall, that's to be anticipated when there are cultural differences involved.

    There tends to be one *type* of Afrikaans people that harbor real hostility towards the English, and that would be the staunch right-wing Afrikaners that live in very conservative Afrikaans areas. In fact, the first answer gave the perfect example of the sort of place I'm talking about - Bloemfontein is notorious for that kind of mentality. These hyper-conservatives (I'm sure you'd have some in your own country...) hate the English because they tend to be stereotypically liberal people - conservatives generally have clashing views - and in addition to that they may hold grudges due to very tragic, very damaging historical conflicts. As Rasputin mentioned, thousands of our innocent women and children were slaughtered in concentration camps at the hands of the British.

    Mind you, plenty of Afrikaners (my generation or otherwise) do not agree with the people I've mentioned above. A lot of us can't stand them and think they do a lot of damage to our reputation.

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    Afrikaans People

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    No, we don't hate them. We just don't appreciate the fact that in a multilingual country like South Africa with 11 official languages, white English speaking South Africans tend to be monolingual. Then there is of course also the small matter of the Anglo-Boer War and the 30 000 women and children murdered in concentration camps by the British.

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    Lets get one thing out of the way first, We don't hate any South Africans ''well I don't''. We hate Illegal Immigrants (Zimbabweans and Nigerians) in South Africa,

    Police spent a quarter of their annual budget, or R350 million (US$48 million) in Gauteng alone, on immigration policing.

    Illegal immigrants in South Africa are a major issue. At any given time, there are approximately 5 million illegal immigrants in South Africa at present however this is an approximation at best. Of the 5 million, Visa SA claims that nearly 3million of those are from Zimbabwe.

    The quality of life in Zimbabwe has deteriorated of the last few decades due to Robert Mugabe’s rule and abusive of power. As a result, thousands of people are fleeing the country daily in order to make a better life for themselves in South Africa. One of the reasons why there are so many Zimbabwean illegal immigrants is because their access to South Africa is easy. South Africa shares a border with Zimbabwe and with enough determination, many Zimbabweans cross the Limpopo River, or scale and climb over fences. What is more is that there are even “immigration agents” who assist in the illegal entry in to the country. These agents will, for a small fee of course, will take you to a place where it is easy to get across the border. Even after the initial trauma of getting in to the country without being eaten by a lion or crocodile, they still have to face the trauma of leaving their homes behind and coming to a foreign country. As the xenophobic attacks in 2008 showed, not everyone is happy about the illegal immigration of people in to South Africa. The reason for this is that often illegal immigrants will offer their services at a much lower rate than South African workers. This can result in these foreign nationals obtaining work over the local people. This is what led to the xenophobic attacks.

    So I would say we don't hate English white people.

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  • 6 years ago

    Nope we do not have a problem with white people speaking English. We just prefer to socialize with people the speak Afrikaans.

  • Mark
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    8 years ago

    They don't HATE them exactly, but they dislike the fact the English has since 1905 been the "lingua franca" of South Africa (most media - films, TV, newspapers, the Internet - are in English), even in places like Cape Town.

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    8 years ago

    In South Africa, there are some places that still support Apartheid, sadly.

    One of these such places is somewhere called Bloemfontein. In this province, lives mainly white Afrikaans people. Some of these people are strongly pro- Apartheid, and will not talk to you, unless you speak to them in Afrikaans. Like seriously, you could be speaking to them in English, and they would completely ignore you.

    Few people in SA speak only Afrikaans or Zulu (there are 10 recognised languages). So in places like Johannesburg, Durban etc, people will willingly converse with you in English, whether you are Caucasian or not.

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    No, they reconcilled before the formation of Apartheid.

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