Spam Email or Real Email?

I got an email about my Diablo 3 account in the subject line but then the email said your world of warcraft account that I was trying to see it? Then it said something about the email being from blizzard? Is this real? I'm so confused...It wants me verify my password at

I get emails like this from runescape jagex too? All fake or real?

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  • Ozoran
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    8 years ago
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    I would not touch any links from anything that asks to verify a password. While some websites verify new *accounts*, etc. that is highly unusual for one of want to verify a password and a company like Blizzard should have no need to do that. Heck, I think even one of the tips on the loading screen says no Blizzard employee will ever ask for a password. More than likely those emails are trying to get your information so they can break into your accounts.

    Reply given to someone who posted one that included the same link:

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