Iphone 4 will not work after replacing screen? Troubleshooting?

I replaced the iphone screen and it will no longer work properly. It is recognized by my pc and I have restored the firmware once already. The screen lights up a little bit ( a dark bluish hue). Any suggestions to fix this? thanks.


it is a very faint light up, but I can see from the inside that it is lighting up and from the outside it looks like a dark bluish hue.

Update 2:

-_- I replaced the screen zach. Your comment does not help anyone at all. I am looking for a solution to the problem not babbling! Thanks anyway :(

1 Answer

  • 8 years ago

    How did the screen get damaged, dropping the phone can cause other parts, to get damaged as well. You need to send it to someone who can troubleshoot, the whole device.

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