why can't I completely remove Firefox?

There's some sort of virus/trojan/malware/whatever screwing up Firefox and hijacking my yahoo search results. Anyway, I'm trying to get rid of it (to no avail) and want to try completely remove all remnants of Firefox and then reinstalling it. The problem is, every time I uninstall, restart, and delete the Firefox files I can find, then reinstalling Firefox, it still knows all of my bookmarks, history, saved passwords, etc. Clearly everything is not getting wiped. What am I doing wrong? Can someone talk me through EVERYTHING I need to find and delete to completely remove Firefox? I am in Windows XP.



Rootkit removers, malwarebytes and similar software, registry cleaners, etc, don't do jack squat to fix the problem.

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    8 years ago
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    Your problem does not rest in firefox, you have a rootkit.

    Use TDSSKiller, and GMER to get rid of it. No need to install them ,just download to the desktop, and double click the icon(s) to open the scanners.

    Click the tdsskiller.exe link to download:


    Read the FAQ's at the bottom of the page to make sure you use this program correctly:


    I would also install, and run a FULL scan with MBAM, it's free:


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    8 years ago

    Click Start then click Run

    enter c:\documents and settings

    There will be a list of users for the computer. Open up each user directory and double click on application data.

    Remove and Mozilla and Firefox folders

    Should be done

    This won't fix the problem and unnecessarily deletes information that will be handy in the future. Run Malwarebytes and get a root kit eliminator. You can often get rid of the redirect by turning off proxies in Firefox settings. You still have the malware installed however.

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    First, let me know if you're going through Control Panel and Add Remove Programs to get rid of Firefox.

  • 8 years ago

    You need to delete the application data that are store on your computer


    - or -


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