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Tank mates for Discus fish…?

Setting up a new 4ft tank. It is 90gal and is gonna house atleast one discus. What fish can i add? How many more discus fish can i add?

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    You should keep about 5-6 discus.

    There are two main limiting factors on tank mates: they need to be peaceful and they need to like the higher temps. The Discus tank should be 80-86F and on the soft side. While a little warm, cardinal tetra and rummy nose tetra seem to do fine in the low 80s. Many smaller loaches can be fine as well, like the kuhli loach. Marbled hatches can also accept this higher temp and are not bad tank mates.

    Note that danio and guppy tend to do poorly at this temp and should be avoided.

    Also, angels are hit and miss with discus and with the two groups, you would be overstocked. Stick with the school of discus and smaller peaceful fish like the tetra and loaches. Be conservative on stocking as less fish are easier to maintain water quality, and discus are very picky on water quality.

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    Discus Fish Tank Mates

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    Discus Tank Mates

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    Discuss don't do well at all as a solitary fish. They need a group of 5 or so and your tank is rather small for that. Also discus can be really finicky when it comes to water quality so cycling is vital.

    Cycling information:



    Plant or just use wood, don't give them too much light, these are creatures of shady and calm waters. http://www.practicalfishkeeping.co.uk/content.php?... is a good look at their natural habitat.

    Discus in captivity will do OK with peaceful species like cardinals. I'd put in a school of 10-12 first. Try to find mature, grown out fish. Test your water frequently. Start the temp at 25C and slowly work your way up from there.

    Source(s): BSc, CCNA, MCSE, MCSA, SAP, and keeping aquariums since 1986
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    If you want info on water quality visit Discus Fish Aquarium Water Changes by Rocky Mountain Discus. This is one of the most authoritative articles on Discus water conditions. I will mention 2 things, discus should not have carbon in their filters and require largr water changes at leasr once a week.

    I'm going to answer your question on tankmates. You should have several Discus in a tank. They do not like to be alone. Almost everyone agrees that the number one tankmate for them are Angelfish. Corydoras and Bristenose l catfish are also good. Non-nippinng Tetra schools are good, Black Neons and Cardinals, Rummynose Glo Light, and Rosy Tetras. also Clown Loaches, German Rams, and Festivum. Stay away from regular Neons as so many are infected with Neon disease, which other delicate fish like Discus can catch. As long as I'm one this topic, every Discus owner should have some Metronidialzole on hand. Disucs along with Flowerhorns and Oscars are one of three most susceptible fish to the Hexamita parasite which ultimately causes hole in head disease. Know the symptoms for Hexamita so you can treat it as soon as it is noticed (with metronidazole).

    Source(s): Robert Price, Ph.d, Ichthyology, Board of Directors, Brooklyn Aquarium Society Rocky Mountain Discus Hexamita
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    Semi-aggressive fish like this are pleasant if they're in organizations of 3 or more. They behave higher by starting an alpha within their group. So if you have greater than three of each tetras, platys, and so on. They must behave slightly good. Of path a few fights are sure to break out every so often, it is inevitable with any team of fish.

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    Angels will be great!!!

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