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What should I get my friend for his wedding?

I'm a groomsmen in his wedding and I have no idea what to get him! He's big into hunting and a lot of outdoor activities. Please help!!

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    Dear one,

    I hate to diss a fellow y/a responder, but CatG is operating from the wrong manual. Covering the cost of your dinner and party is nothing more than extortion - a shake-down. It's rude and awful to expect a guest to pay for some bridal couple's stupid choice to hire Pierre the Expensive and Chez Ritz to cater their wedding reception.

    In fact, expecting guests to even bring a gift of any kind is rude. This is a sacred ceremony - not WWE pay-per-view. At the very least, expecting a gift of any kind is certainly NO way to treat honored guests.

    That said, many people do want to gift the bridal couple out of deep respect and love for their union.

    That said, you asked what you should give and I suggest a check for whatever you can afford without breaking your own budget. What that means is you should total up what you would normally spend going out with your pals (or on a date). That's the amount you should give. If you're a victim of the economy, then a night out might mean fast food and tickets to the latest movie at the cineplex. If you're well-heeled then a night out might mean reservations at Le Chateau and box seats at the symphony (or floor seats at the basketball game). Either way, whatever you would spend on a nice date is what you give.

    I suggest a check so you have a record of what you did give. Cash is too easily forgotten and/or lost.

    But pay for your plate? Rubbish!

  • Cat G
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    8 years ago

    Weddings cost money. Today's weddings are generally paid for by the bride and groom themselves, and they often put themselves into debt to throw a nice party. The customary gift for today's wedding is cash. If it is a standard wedding with full dinner and bar, $100 per person should be given to cover the cost of your plate at the dinner. So, if you are going with a date, you should give a card with $200 in it. This is really what would be most helpful to your friend and his new wife, to pay off debt created by planning the wedding so that they do not start their lives together under a cloud. Non-monetary gifts are more appropriate for engagement parties or wedding showers (which you guys are lucky enough not to have to attend usually!).

  • 8 years ago

    Look at the wedding registry. Get him hunting clothes or outdorsey clothes from Sierra Trading post.

    Find a picture of him and his bride early in the relationship and make a customized photo gift from it.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    condoms gun possibly just money

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