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my fetish is horrbile but i love it?

i have this earwax fetish , i sometimes daydream about swimming in a guys ears and drink the wax out of his ears . It makes me horny as hell . I sometimes imagine a guy pouring wax out of his ears and i start drinking and bathing the wax . I also do this as im masturbating and i get horrible orgasms. I think of alot of things about earwax to get horny . I hope im not alone because it is great and fills me with orgasmic energy. I have alot of fantasies about it. I have a fantasy of a giant and i crawl into his ear and starts eating the wax out of his ears. I start thinking of giant q-tip and start digging the wax out of his ears and eat the wax off it. Please tell me im not alone.Sometimes i go without a month without cleaning my ears and sit on the toilet and pick my ears and eat it while masturbating and imagine its a guys ear wax.

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    That's not normal.... o.O

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    I hope to God this is a troll.

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