my eyesight is bad, i am waiting for a cataract op?

i enlarged the yahoo picture to see something better , now every time i go on the net ,it fills the screen and i cannot see the original spot where you reduce it again,just now the box i am writing in fills most o the screen

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  • 8 years ago
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    you need to click on the icon at the top right of your page. You should see a zoom button and just reduce that

  • 8 years ago

    If you have windows XP this will work, but you did not say what program you had. Anyway to the steps. If the fonts on your Windows XP system are too large or too small, you can easily switch between three sizes with this tweak. Note that some programs may ignore this change - you will need to experiment.

    1. Right-click an empty area of the desktop and choose "Properties".

    2. When the "Display Properties" multi-tabbed dialog box appears, click the "Appearance" tab.

    3. Underneath "Font Size", choose your desired size:

    * Normal (this is the smallest)

    * Large Fonts

    * Extra Large Fonts

    4. Click "OK" to save your settings.

  • 8 years ago

    Usually, Windows 'remembers' the set size when you close that site, and uses it again the next time.

    There are several methods to enlarge or shrink the font size on your screen, and they work for ANY web page, in any browser.

    (from easiest to slowest), take your choice ...

    1. Hold the Ctrl key and move the scroll wheel slowly - away from you to enlarge, towards you to shrink. On a laptop touchpad, use Ctrl and finger down to enlarge, or Ctrl and finger up to decrease.

    2. Ctrl + 0 (zero) will reset the browser page print size to its default.

    3. Hold the Ctrl key and click + or + + to enlarge, and - or - - to shrink.

    (I spaced the lines to make it easier for you to read.)

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