OzStoners.Com is fake. Operated by police. Isn't this entrapment?

I did a whois search at the ozstoners.com registrar and guess what. The owner calling himself "OZ" is a YANK called Mathew Hill. Lives at 4428 Creyts Road, Lansing in Michigan. So why does he advertise all over the website that its australian? This stinks of a police scam. Do not use a home terminal to access this site. Oz is in reality a police undercover US federal agent. BEWARE! He is falsely advertising his site as being australian when clearly it is not. Mathew Hill is lying to you.

Half the pot sites on the web are police owned. The yank police probably trade your info to australian police for similar intel on americans living in Oz. Happens all the time. Half your friends there have probably been busted because of this fake website.

Many of the profiles there appear to be fake. Probably undercover police posing as australian growers. Check the whois database. The technical and registrant operators live in the same street. The company claimed to be responsible for administering the site is almost certainly a shelf company invented by the federal police.

How can this not be entrapment?

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    8 years ago
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    This is common and he likely has nothing to do with the police. Do you have any idea how many people claiming to be Canadian, who run prescription meds services, are not? Pretty much all of them. They do it to hide their locale to con you into believing they are on the up and up.

    First, if you are in Australia and logging in the US has NO jurisdiction. Their laws don't apply outside the US. Loggin in is not a crime, reading the site is not a crime.

    However, I'd be pretty confident anyone running a site like that is also running a scam.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

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    It depends... If you are 1 number off and it was a typo, probably not. Just supply the creditor with the correct credit card number and you are all set. If you did it intentionally, Yes! Wow... what a supremely stupid question. It is considered theft if you purchased services or merchandise with fraudulent payment information.

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    You're an idiot. The cops are hoping for idiots like you, who just HAVE to talk about illegal crap in a highly documented fashion. How would having a public discussion about willingly partaking in illegal activities ever benefit anybody?

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