Based on your Mars/Venus sign: What is your Love Profile?


Aquarius Mars:

Pisces Mars:


This is mine:

The Maestro of Mystery

You are the naughty Mars in Leo Lover. You are a very sexy Lover with a knack for bombast and display, and you occasionally enjoy upsetting people whose ideas about sex and relationships are prudish and complacent. Many will find your approach to sex too bold and a little intimidating and that’s just the way you like it. Still, no one should assume that you sexuality is ever out of control, even when you are behaving badly. You are essentially a very conservative Lover who rarely does anything in the realm of love or sex that is not carefully planned and thought out.

Nothing excites you quite as much as the mixture of sex with power. You are

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Nothing excites you quite as much as the mixture of sex with power. You are Lover who takes more pleasure in a battle of wills than a simple tussle in bed. At your worse you can use your dark and often devious sensuality to entrap and dominate other people. At your best your complex and power-driven sexuality will serve to winnow out weaker and less worthy partners and leave you with only those strong enough to give your willful sexual nature a little competition.

Scorpio Venus

Leo Mars

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    If you have Mars in Taurus with Venus in Pisces you are . . .

    The Supreme Sensualist

    You are the warmest, most sensuous and openhearted Lover anyone could ask for. You surrender yourself so sweetly and totally to the act of love that it is as if you were made for nothing else. There is a delicacy, sensitivity and vulnerability about your sexual nature that is both irresistible and alarming. People feel the need to protect you. Of course, they also feel the need to do some other things and that’s where the fun starts.

    For all your passivity and emotional volatility you are, in the end, always a pragmatist. Your sweet surrender to love is only a means of heightening you own pleasure and it is never as complete as it appears. You can duplicate it again and again in the company of many different partners. Yes, you are something of an opportunist and you sometimes take unfair advantage of your undeniable sexual allure, but you are such a loving, gentle, and seductive opportunist that no one really minds.

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  • 8 years ago

    If you have Mars in Aries with Venus in Aquarius

    you are . . .

    The Serene Extremist

    You are the coolest of the Mars in Aries Lovers and for this reason you are often also the most dissatisfied. You long for over-the-top sexual experiences that will wash away your rational inhibitions but find that no matter how radical you become you just can’t lose your capacity for calm, intellectual control. You can be the most unconventional of all the Mars in Aries types and this makes you a very exciting partner but until you find a way to match physical reality of your sexuality with the idealism that burns inside your soul, you will always be restless and discontent.

    Sex is always an abstraction for you. The people you love are often more important because of what they symbolize than for who they are. This can make your approach to love appear cold and clinical but, the fact is you can love a symbol with a steadiness and a fierce purity that will make real people jealous. The happiest relationship for you will be one in which sex is a diversion and real love exists in the mind.

  • 8 years ago

    If you have Mars in Sagittarius with Venus in Virgo

    you are . . .

    The Libidinous Love Child

    You are the most skittish and inconsistent of all the Mars in Sagittarius Lovers. Sometimes you run away from sex, love, and commitment liked a scared puppy. Other times you go charging at all three with rapacious abandon. You possess a very strong and physical sex drive but you are often too nervous to put it to good use. At your worst you will favor expedience over quality in your sexual experiences and waste your time pursuing the partner who is convenient when you should be working toward getting the partner you deserve.

    At your best, however, you are also a very resourceful and attentive Lover who makes mistakes but seldom repeats them. If you are given time to sit back and analyze the sexual comedy, you can overcome your nervousness and impatience and become a very skilled and eager practitioner of the art. With a little luck, you need to find a strong partner who understands both your earthy needs and your idealistic reserve. In the right hands you can be the best kind of Lover—someone physical enough to please the body, innocent enough to replenish the soul and wise enough to understand the difference between the two.

  • 8 years ago

    If you have Mars in Virgo with Venus in Gemini

    you are . . .

    The Basically Brilliant Lover

    You are the Mars in Virgo Lover most likely to get caught up in the mechanics of romance and courtship. You can exhibit great skill and cleverness in playing these games but there will always be a point where the teasing has to stop and the physical demands of your earthy sex drive have to be met. There is casualness about your sexuality and a coolness that sometimes borders on cynicism. Your saving grace is your constant curiosity and the genuine pleasure you take in engaging other people in the lively arts of love.

    Despite your strong Mars in Virgo sex drive, sex is rarely a primary issue in your life. When you need it, you find a way to get it and when you don’t, you simply put it out of your mind. Your cool and occasionally perfunctory attitude toward sex often makes you appear unprincipled and even immoral to people feel that sex and love are always intertwined but, for you, relationships are built on intellectual compatibility and shared interests and love is the expression of a beautiful idea of partnership and mutual understanding. Sex, on the other hand, is just for fun.

    not sure if I really agree with every single part of it, but ok.

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  • 8 years ago

    If you have Mars In Taurus with Venus in Aquarius

    you are . . .

    The Sensualist Without Limits

    You are an uninhibited, free-spirited Lover and you bring to your sexual experiences a joy of discovery that is both exciting and infectious. You like to experiment in your sexual play and you appreciate variety and openness. Combined with your avid sensuality, this openness often leads you far away from the conservatism typical of Mars in Taurus. But as long as you stay close to your essential earthiness and follow the lead of your body, you can’t get into too much trouble.

    Typically, the only aspect of your sexuality that causes you problems is your own headstrong idealism. Even though you are the most liberated Mars in Taurus Lover, you are also the least flexible. You have strong opinions about what your sexual experience should be and who it is you must love. Not only does this tendency to intellectualize sensation interfere with your ability to enjoy sex, it also sets up conflict between your mind and body that you may never completely resolve.

  • Coco
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    8 years ago

    If you have Mars in Gemini with Venus in Scorpio

    you are . . .

    The Technician of Serious Love

    You are the one Mars in Gemini Lover who is serious about love and sex. You understand that there is a power in these deep and enduring emotions that can make your natural Mars in Gemini curiosity seem trivial and pointless; a dark, forbidding mystery that can turn a harmless bit of fun or a happy jaunt onto the wild side into an awesome and dangerous safari into the unknown. This doesn’t mean that you fear sex or that you would, under normal circumstances, avoid it. It’s just that you recognize, more than any Lover of this type that there is more at stake in a sexual relationship than the processing of information and the satisfying of idle curiosity.

    There is in your sexual nature something of the quality of a moth drawn to the destructive flame. It is difficult for you to maintain your typical intellectual distance when faced with the dark allure of the mysterious, the exotic or the forbidden. Fortunately, the dark extremes of your curiosity are balanced by a very healthy dose of caution. You are, for the most part, a very conservative Lover and, typically, this keeps you out of trouble, particularly once you grasp the concept that the greatest mystery of sex is finding a person with whom you can explore all its dark corners without fear or shame.

  • 1111
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    8 years ago

    The Polite Powerhouse of Passion

    You are the Mars in Scorpio Lover least likely to acknowledge the dark side of your sexual nature. Since you are generally affable and kind, a gentle Lover with a sweet approach and a courtly manner, you refuse to believe that anyone could be hurt in your pursuit of pleasure but, the fact is, that they can and often are. It’s not that you ever intend to do damage. It’s just that your emotional needs are so intense and your sexuality so overwhelming that you often end up taking from your partners much more than they ever thought about giving.

    On the positive side, you are also the Mars in Scorpio Lover who is easiest to love. You spend less time brooding over the seriousness of sex and more time celebrating the joys of love than most Lovers of this type and you are more inclined to see a relationship as a partnership rather than a power struggle. Still, you are not immune to the dark fascination with sex and the obsessive tendencies typical of this group. Your obsessions have a way of slipping up on you or of creating mischief in the background, behind your pleasant smile and lovable manner.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I am Leo Venus/Virgo Mars.

    The Basically Superior Lover

    You are a sexual perfectionist always searching for a better and more powerful erotic experience. This doesn’t mean you can’t have quick, expedient sex. You approach each sexual encounter with such optimism that even the most insignificant erotic moment can have the potential for greatness. Your enthusiasm for sex is quite infectious and you typically have little trouble finding people willing to accompany you on your quest for the ultimate pleasure.

    You are such an exciting Lover that people don’t often realize just how egocentric your sexual perfectionism can be. It is, after all, all about you — your pleasure, your desires, your body. You are an extraordinarily generous Lover and you can be very patient but the full intensity of your erotic nature is only going to be ignited when it’s your turn to be the center of attention. There’s no need to worry, of course, because the heat of that passionate fire is sufficient to warm the bodies of all concerned.

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    If you have Mars in Virgo with Venus in Cancer

    you are . . .

    The Basically Bewitching Lover

    You are one Mars in Virgo Lover who needs more from sex than just a physical release. You also need to feel that you are emotionally connected to your Beloved. You are extremely sensitive Lover who needs to be cherished, protected and treated with affection. You look to you Beloved for emotional security and commitment and you are easily hurt. All this sensitivity does nothing to curtail your earthy sensuality, however, though it does add substance and, in some cases, a passionate volatility to your sexual nature.

    This combination of down-to-earth sex and emotional vulnerability makes you a very attractive Lover. People respond to your emotional needs at a subconscious level and they line up to take care of you. The problem is that this sweet affection often runs in only one direction. You like having people care for you but you are slow and sometimes down right stingy about returning the favor. There is a selfish quality about your sexual nature, a coldness that comes to the fore whenever you are asked to be the protector, the care-giver or the committed Lover. When you learn to enjoy giving love as much as you enjoy getting it, you will reach your full potential as a Lover.

    Wow pretty true :o

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  • 8 years ago

    If you have Mars in Libra with Venus in Scorpio

    you are . . .

    The Dangerously Perfect Lover

    You are the most seductive of the Mars in Libra Lovers, one who understands the importance of sex both as a natural urge and a psychological force. This bit of wisdom adds a savvy edge to you romantic maneuvering but it does not make you any less of an idealist. You are still looking for the perfect love with the perfect partner. It’s just that, in your case, this bond must take place on a deeper, emotional level as well as in the mind.

    You are the most conservative of Lover of this type an you prefer relationships in which you are the person in control. This can become a problem because the perfect union that Mars in Libra people always seek is a partnership between two equals. Your desire to dominate will make it difficult for you to find and hold on to the person who can fulfill you ideal. Someone is going to have to compromise and, as much as you might despise the notion, more often than not it's going to be you.

    hmm yes at first i wanted to quibble it, but yeah it's pretty accurate. although it's weird because i don't see myself as consciously controlling, but i realize i kind of do want things my way. but i end up compromising time after time. i love the description. the dangerously perfect lover ehehehe hohohoh :P. lol previously when asked to make a statement about my mars venus, i said "be careful". lol :)

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    8 years ago


    The Maestro of Mundane Love

    There are no humble Mars in Leo Lovers but your approach to sex come as close to shy and self-effacing as is possible with this type. You have a way of bringing the high flying egotism of Mars in Leo down to earth and making sex seem less like an art form and more like a very pleasant way to spend a couple of hours. You taste for the big, dramatic love affair is tempered by your physical needs. For this reason your love life is likely to have two tracks: one for the “big” affairs in which you can fully express your pride and artistry and one for the “little” engagements about which you are not so proud.

    You are one of the least controlling of the Mars in Leo Lovers. You would like to maintain the upper-hand in your relationship but your earthy nature often places you at a disadvantage. Unlike other Lovers of this type, you can't simply walk away from a relationship that fails to feed your ego. You have the also give practical consideration to the quality of the sex and if the sex is good enough, you might just be willing to put your bossy egotism on hold for a while.

    sooo true...

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