help me understand satanism, please?

No rude answers, please.

What are the basics about satanism?

What does 'hail satan' mean?

What rituals are done?

What about magic?

Is it a religion or philosophy?

Thanks in advance! (:


I'm not asking about Satan. I'm asking about Satanism. I don't want to know how to be one, I want to understand it.

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    All Satanists are atheists I should know. If anyone believes in the christian god satan they would be christians not satanists. Read the Satanic Bible. Real Satanists do not bow to or worship anyone or anything other themselves. The Satanic Bible was written for the purpose of clearing things up as far as what Satanism really is and what it is not. After all if people want to know about christianity they go to the source and read the christian holy bible. So if people want to know about Satanism they do the same thing and go to the source the Satanic Bible.

    As Satanists We are our own gods and devils and we make life a heaven or hell. And Satanists love life, kids, animals and the law!

    Satan is a word that originally meant the adversary, the opposer, the accuser and the one to question and we are all of that toward all spiritual faiths and and herd mentality, and anything that hampers our happiness. Satan also traditionally is the independent strong one who was his own god and believed in carnality and the flesh and pride, etc and in a persons desires and that is what we believe. Satan NEVER meant evil until christianity changed it like they did so many things. we also believe in following the law and protecting kids and animals and life

    As Satanists we are SATAN as we are the adversary's, opposer's, accusers and one to question blind faith and anything that says that our human feelings and natures and instincts are wrong and sinful.

    we are self reliant and do not need an invisible crutch to bow too like people who bow to a god or devil do because we believe in ourselves instead, unlike basic atheists who have no beliefs even in themselves and they are afraid to use the word and symbol of Satan as they deep down are not so sure that God and the Devil are not real. As Satanists we do not have that problem at all, just as we have no issues taking responsibility for our actions in every way.

    Anton LaVey studied religion/occultism and saw that they are a con game that had nothing to do with the reality of the universe we all live in and decided that it was high time that there existed a codified religious philosophy that was based on the way things really are and how the human animal really thinks, acts and feels. He also saw how all God's and religions are all just man made anyway so why not honor the very carnal beast that has the power to create these things?

    And as LaVey himself said Satanism is NOT a religion. Satanism is simply a life philosophy

    There was never any other type of Satanism codified until 1966 when Anton LaVey did it. there were only false accusations in history made by the christian church but there was never a real Satanic religion before LaVey

    Even Satanic Rituals are psychodramas for the mind and emotions to express and focus our desires in some way. It is not to bow down too anyone or anything or to summon some silly supernatural spiritual being. Because again as Satanists we do not believe in angels, demons, gods, devils, heaven, hell, sin, good or evil, the occult, supernatural spiritual stuff, etc. Some Satanists use ritual as an emotional prayer to the self to express their desires. While other Satanists pretend and imagine they already have their desires much like methods made famous these days by "The Secret" and the "Law of Attraction". The key to Satanic magic is believing it will work due to the power of the mind.

    Now yes like all atheists there are many Satanists both in and out of the Church of Satan who do have a personal belief in the after life and in spirits, ghosts, demons, reincarnation, etc. But that is their personal belief outside of the Satanic Philosophy and is based on nature and not some divinity who created these things or some higher power. Since Satanism is philosophy and not a relgion you are free to have what ever relgious beliefs that work for you personally.

    Both jesus and Satan are symbols not real beings.. jesus is a symbol of weakness, death, sacrifice, hate, self sacrifice, etc

    Satan is a symbol of the strong, individuals, Life, Love, etc. So you can tell a lot about a person by which archetype they live by.

    Hail Satan is the same as Hail Thyself

    We are all animals living in a cosmos that comes from nature, belongs to nature, and shall return to nature. There is no god above us or below us

    Agent in LaVay Church of Satan

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    The basics is that instead of trying to ascend, they would accept Satan as more human than God and stay down-to-earth with this. Hail satan is self explanatory, I don`t know what rituals they do, they do some magic and summoning though I believe that God is a bit more reliable, and it could be both. There is a demon called Buer and he teaches natural and moral philosophy apparently, as well as teach about medicine.

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    First of all, real Satanists don't really believe in Satan or God. They only do that to make devout people mad. That's why they chant "Hail Satan". Rituals are done by members cutting each other and drinking blood. There is no magic. It is a philosophy. They try to live exactly opposite of the Bible (ie. Thou shalt kill). It is a philosophy of indulgence and greed.

    Source(s): Satanic Bible by Anton LaVey
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    You can also look up symbolic Satanism for an atheistic view

    Satanism is a Dark Art.

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    To sell your soul to Satan, live a life of evil, practice witchcraft, all so you can join Satan in his defeat in hell when it's all said and done. Satan in a liar and a murderer since the beginning, he deceived humanity into a life of sin suffering and death. That's pretty much it. You need Jesus Christ as your lord and savior not Satan.

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    It's Satan plus Ism

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    Become a spotty teenager.

    Resent your mommy.

    Hate you dad for leaving.

    Totally hate that b*tçh next door for laughing at you when you asked her out the other week.

    Buy some black clothing.

    Watch a lot of horror movies

    Claim to be Satanist.

    Repeat until done.

    Any questions?

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    To understand Satan is to know about him. He is a liar, a deciever and he comes to kill and to destroy.

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    I was linked to this a while ago, I think it's bull, but everyone to their own:

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    Its kinda like joining a gym, but way different.

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