Exchange student's family are nudists. What do I do?

I am staying with my exchange student and her family in Germany. She and I are both 16 and she has a 9 and 21 year old sisters and both her parents. All her family are nudists. I told them that I don't feel comfortable with them being nude all the time but they said that it is unhealthy to be insecure about your body. The dad is at work most of the time so they say it's all okay because we're all girls.

They don't have locks on the bathroom doors and when I'm having a shower they just walk in to brush their hair or clean their teeth and they see me naked. My exchange student and I have to share a bed and of course she sleeps naked. They said they are borrowing another bed from their friends but they are still waiting another week. They only wash clothes once or twice a month because they only need them for going out. I have to wear the one dress to school for a whole week because of it.

They're really nice people and everything but I am staying with them for three months and don't want to feel uncomfortable staying with them for so long. I don't want to report them to my supervisor teacher or anything like that because I don't want them to get in trouble. What else can I do to stop having to feel so uncomfortable around them?

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    8 years ago
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    They are exposing their genitalia to a minor. You have made it clear that you are uncomfortable with this (regardless of whether you are uncomfortable or not, you are still a minor which makes this a possible felony). This is a form of sexual harassment believe it or not. They supposedly see it as a natural act but they are exposing their parts to you against your wishes (as a minor).

    It classifies as a form of sexual harassment.

    If you do not wish to report them, that is up to you. However, what they are doing is very wrong, immoral and illegal as well as being unfair to a new guest in their home. They could also get taken in if they are caught doing this as well. It does not look right for obvious reasons. You should not have to endure this. Possibly bring up the fact that someone else might see what they are doing and turn them into the proper authorities. That could be a nice excuse to get them to stop, something I'd try myself.

  • Erika
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    5 years ago

    It would figure out, however in a lot of instances getting a foreign exchange pupil the identical age as you is not a just right recommendation. They would get alongside greater with your pal and go away you out or vice versa. Nevertheless, it could be a excellent experience to be taught quite a bit about a nation and make a manufacturer new pal. When you guys suppose as a lot because it, then i'd say furnish it a are trying!

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    Modern nudism started in Germany and it's is more culturally accepted there. As you've learned, though it's more common there, it's not universal. The family does understand from living in that culture that not everyone is comfortable with it, especially someone from somewhere else.

    Other people's nudity is pretty easy to get used to, but I take it that your having problems with getting used to your own in that situation. That too comes easy, once you give it a try. But the privacy thing is another matter having nothing to do with nudism. Again, it's often a cultural matter, but they should respect the privacy you need as much as they should respect that you might wish to remain clothed.

    If it's a big enough problem, most exchange programs have a review process and can sometimes switch you with someone else who would be fine with it.

    Source(s): American nudist, father of two.
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    4 years ago

    German Family Nudists

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  • so
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    8 years ago

    Since you like them, you should go nude as well. After a short time, if you are as naked as they are, you will become comfortable. The only reason you feel uncomfortable is that you are the only one wearing clothes.

  • 8 years ago

    First of all, I'm really sorry to hear about the trouble you have at your exchange. Let me tell you this is NOT German culture, it's nudist culture. There absolutely is no reason why you'd have to endure living with a naked host family during your stay in Germany. What they do is respectless and inacceptable. Not for living out their nudism at home among themselves but for living it out while they host an exchange student who is obviously anything but comfortable with this situation! You should really consider to search for another host family as soon as possible and also to inform your agency about this incident in order to spare other students the same trouble you are going through at the moment. A nudist family who is unwilling to adapt to particular situations is NOT suitable to host any exchange students, no matter what nudist supporters might say. Period!

    Source(s): I'm from Germany
  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    The alternative is to join them. This is a good opportunity. You can learn lots of stuff from them and they from you. Most people are uncomfortable naked for various reason which I won't get into here. You don't have to be naked with them and you can also tell them that you prefer them not to enter the bathroom. Don't be aggressive about it. Rather respect their house. It is not reasonable to expect them to change their whole lifestyle just to accommodate you. I know that it is an overwhelming experience since our culture condemns nudity. Try to understand things from their perspective. I'm sure you can find some middle ground.

    You can also ask for a transfer to another homestay, can't you?

  • Mingle
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    8 years ago

    Tell them you like going out a lot and then when you go out they won't be nude and even though they do t close the bathroom door you should close it anyway and explain how uncomfortable you feel.

  • 8 years ago

    well, i don't know if your story is true at all, but if it is, then try to change the family. they can't expect you to be comfortable seeing their "jewels" dangling in front of your eyes all day long. and frankly, when they host an exchange student they can't just act as if they are at a nudist resort. look for another host family, i can assure you most germans are not like that and value their own and other people's privacy.

    Source(s): greetings from germany
  • Tina
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    8 years ago

    I'm afraid that's just the way they are. My mother lived in France for a year when she was in grad school. She lived in an apartment in Lyons, there were girls sunbathing topless on the roof in the spring. Guys would walk out there to talk to them all the time, no one cared. In answer to you question you might talk to them and ask for a little privacy in the bathroom.

  • 7 years ago

    I don't buy your story. You're forced to sleep with a naked teenage girl. Right.

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