Who wrote the book of Genesis in the bible?

If there were no one on earth and god was making things such as the heavens and earth, man, animals and oceans and such. Who recorded this information to write it in Genesis since no one was here until god made Adam. By the time he made Adam, he had created a lot of things. We know that he had created the animals, the earth and heavens.


Most that chose to answer this question seem to think that Moses is the correct answer. One thought God had a direct conversation with Moses, of which this conversation, lead Moses to author Genesis and perhaps co-authored a few more books of the bible.

If God related to Moses the things he had done then we are accepting second hand information from Moses and the interruption as he remembered. This is considered second hand information and might have been somewhat changed for reason unknown by anyone other than Moses.

Someone Who cares-Your answer appear to be based on a revelation to Joseph Smith, a LDS prophet, that occurred between Jun 1803 and Feb 1831. Is this his interruption of what Moses was told?

Meowsus- I am in agreement with you about no one know for sure, However, I can not rule out the fact that Moses might have written Genesis, I just don’t have the concrete proof I would like to have to indicate that he did.

Since no one really have an answer with proof, however,

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    And God spake unto Moses, and said unto him, I am the LORD:

    Exodus 6:1-3

    It continued from here.

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    Moses wrote the book, based on oral histories available to him at the time.

    There is a basis for the stories in Babylonian myth with the Creation and Deluge myths, which are both probably figurative ideas based in perceptions of the past. This doesn't mean that God didn't give Moses the idea; it merely means that it was the most efficient means of conveying the truth at a time where it might have damaged our progress as a species to know too much.

    Consider that all truths as they are expressed are based on universal principles. While the principles themselves don't change, the words used to express them certainly do. The best we can do is to seek the underlying truths, and to release the words once we have these truths.

    God made the animals first, and then came mankind. And yet people have a hard time accepting that evolution is a possibility?

    When we are inspired and can conceive of the truths of things, the words are irrelevant. It's a matter of getting people to accept the truth when we try to explain it; it's far better to use the words to inspire us to have a direct experience than it is to rely on the teachings of any individual. At some point, the words become irrelevant and the truth of the underlying principles come out. It's better to seek the truth that exists than to reject the parts which are seemingly untrue... when we look for lies, that's all we will find.

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    According to common Christian belief: God did all the actions recording within the Creative Days, then related them to Moses who in-turn wrote Genesis.

    Source(s): JW Parents
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    Tradition is that God gave the books to Moses.

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    This is unknown, but scholars, because of linguistic analyses, suspect at least 3 authors. Genesis, like much of the OT is oral history which was finally recorded in written form.

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    A goat, because no human could write such tripe.

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    Nobody knows. Even Biblical historians say nobody knows. Only the uninformed say Moses.

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    Moses. God told Moses what he had done on the mountain when he appeared to him, face to face.


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    Larry, Curly and Moe.

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    It may be Adam but I think it was one of his sons.

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