Park on single yellow line without plate or sign nearby?

Hi, I just know that I can only park on single yellow lines outside the times of control on a plate nearby. But today I could not find any plate around. In this case, can I park my car there without penalty?

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  • 8 years ago
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    If there is no visible restriction, you could certainly have a good chance at fighting a penalty. However, a penalty could still be issued if it does turn out that you did park outside the controlled hours.

    It's up to you to figure out if it's worth the hassle.

  • 8 years ago

    Yellow lines normally mean some kind of parking restrictions do apply. If you can't see the plate you could take the risk, but I wouldn't. If you do get a ticket you'll have to provide proof that there certainly was no control sign up, knowing councils in Britain they are good at hiding these things, sometimes they stick them on lamp posts at the end of the restriction with an arrow on them like

    No Parking At Any Time ->

    or sometimes they just put a plate with a no waiting symbol or no stopping symbol on it and "At Any Time" underneath.

    I got caught out with a parking bay once where the council had put at the far end of the road it was residents only, and yet where I'd parked there was a sign stating residents or 30 minutes. They argued that the sign at the other end of the road superseded the one that my car was parked at (why???) and I had to pay.

    Plus if it is their error you've got the problem of rejecting the violation, and usually they come back anyway and tell you that they're right, and then the hassle of pursuing the case with an independent claims body and everything, is it really worth the hassle? Just find somewhere that doesn't have a yellow line at all, unless you live in London a quick drive into residential areas should find plenty of free parking places.

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    4 years ago

    i does no longer in many cases answer a question already spoke back wisely yet, having been in touch in regulation Enforcement in uk i'm able to assure you that if there became a yellow line painted on the line and your motor vehicle became parked on it, it rather is in simple terms criminal if, on the beginning up and end of the line(s) a 'limit word' is affixed to a pole or on the different help. close by government are actually not as conversant with parking regulations simply by fact the Police are and, now that maximum close by government are responsible for parking, they have not have been given around to putting the notices in place. suggestion: photograph the positioning the place your motor vehicle became parked, needless to say showing that there became no word in place and get in touch with the Issuing place of work for the fee ticket. tell them that the limit is unlawful simply by fact the plates are lacking, ask them to answer you in writing that the fee ticket has been cancelled interior 7 days or you will see them in court docket the place you decide on no longer hire a Solicitor yet produce the evidence(photograph) and deny parking illegally.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Hi Bill


    if you took a test then you would know about the highway code so driving without a licence is an offence. fines and even jail can be the result.`

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  • 8 years ago

    No - you may be in a clearway and that is designated when entering the area

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