Applying for Architecture?(University of Waterloo)?

I am currently a grade 10 student strongly thinking of applying to the University of Waterloo for Architecture. I read about the admissions and, so here are the requirements:

Here are the portfolio requirements:

I am really nervous because, I now the competition will be high. For some universities they have 1000 applicants and only 60 spots. I am especially nervous for the portfolio and, I will start working on it but, I have no idea how to start.

What determines most whether you will get in or not?

Is it the marks or the portfolio or the précis test?

What should I put in my portfolio?

Can I perform something on the piano as part of the portfolio?

How do I make myself standout?

What kind of drawings or paintings should I have? (a lot of architectural drawings or?)

Is it preferable that I have computer graphics?

If you know anything about Waterloo admission, how hard is it to get in? How many applicants and spots?

What else should I know about applying or making a portfolio?


f you have any examples of portfolio artwork or experiences that you can share please do so. If you are currently studying at Waterloo please share your experiences or artwork as well.

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  • 8 years ago
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    I actually think they are very clear about this. They want evidence of your creativity, not that you already have skills as an architect. So be creative.

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  • 4 years ago

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