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Thinking of getting a dog on tuesday?

I need advice from- GSD, Rottweiler, and doberman owners?

These breeds i mentioned are "generally" owner orientated. True? I want a dog that's not going to be overly excited at meeting other people. I want a dog that prefers it's immediate family over strangers. Are those good choices? Can you think of any more? (nice looking dogs that is lol) I like guarding breeds, and i know how to train dogs. But my last one was too people friendly for my liking. I don't want a dog that is as loyal to strangers as it is to it's owner, if you know what i mean


Shadow, i'd never get a chow, they are untrustworthy in my eyes

Update 2:

T, don't worry, i want the dog to be socialised! Just not indiscriminately friendly to everyone, like my previous dog who would drag me under a bus to get a pet from a stranger! LOL

Update 3:

Lorrane, i've been thinking about, wanting to, and been planning to get this dog for months. Just with other thing getting in the way, like xmas! It's been constantly put off. I've been waiting for a suitable time, that's all. I've been prepared for months :)

Update 4:

Amber, i don't want a boxer. Generally, too hyper for my liking

Update 5:

Lorraine, i'm planning to get this dog from a decent breeder. I have £1000 to spend on the dog. The main question is about the breed, not where i get it from :)

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    I was told by a trainer of mine that the GSD only lives to please it's owner.

    When I am out walking and I notice the dog park close by I always see the GSDs close to their owners while the other breeds are out and about minding their own business. The GSDs are the ones not venturing too far from their owners.

    The GSD is a very High shedding dog and does require a lot of stimulation to keep them at bay lol. Overall these dogs require a strong handler who knows what the are doing and can sufficiently keep up with their needs. These dogs need a good solid foundation of training and leadership to not grow up as a burden.

    Dobermans do tend to be same sex aggressive so that is something you will need to take into account!

    I don't know how would feel for the bull mastiff ( if you like the wrinkle and drool kinda thing) I have met many before and they do not require a large amount of exercise. They are very loyal and big coach potatoes lol. They're sensible with strangers,and have well-established protective and territorial instincts.

    Good luck on your new pup!

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    Sorry - but if you are thinking about getting a dog on TUESDAY then you really haven't put enough thought into this and certainly not where the dog is coming from. Good owners decide months in advance and then spend their time researching what breeder / rescue to go to. They don't just choose a breed on a Sunday and get the dog on the Tuesday. You would be getting from a byb if you do.

    I am reluctant to say yes, get a rottweiler when there are things I don't like. I don't like to see them used as a 'guarding breed'... I don't mind a dog that is neutral to strangers but I certainly don't like a dog that is aloof to strangers.

    They are SO different these three breeds that I think you need to do more homework first. If you choose a rottweiler then you still have very differing characters / temperaments from very laid back to very high drive.

    I see literally thousands... I see or work with up to 50 a week and every one of them is totally different.

    Please read this regarding rottweilers as I think it is just about perfect.

    Add... then please spend the time planning on where the dog is coming from. It is the most important decision you make for the ten years of this dogs life. Please don't go byb... so don't just find one on gumtree and go and get it PLEASE... these are the ones that end up in rescue and it is awful to encourage their breeding.

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    Within those breeds, it can be hard to pin point exactly if that's how they will grow up to be. Generally, Rotties/GSD's/Dobes are friendly to all people, but not as friendly as they are with their owners. Your best bet is to go through a rescue or shelter. Check for these breeds and you may find one where it says the dog can be aloof towards people they don't know. There is nothing wrong with wanting a dog like this, but PLEASE, if you end up getting a puppy of one of these breeds, and your idea is to never take them around people because you want them to only bond to you, don't do It. Not saying you would, but I know many people who wanted a dog that was ONLY friendly to them/family, so they never took the dog in public or let the dog meet people, and they either ended up with a very aggressive dog towards strangers, or they ended up with a dog who was terrified of people because the dog was never around other people. Both of these are no good for the dog, and easily preventable if you just take the dog in public and let them be around people.

    Some breeds you may want to look in to are Akita's, Chow Chows, Newfoundlands (if you can handle the massive size/drool/grooming needs), etc.

    Also, if you go for a breeder, make absolute sure that they health test for hips/eyes/cardiac/etc. because Rottweilers and GSD's especially are VERY prone to genetic hip problems that can be avoided by going to a good breeder. Like I said though, your best bet is to get an adult from a shelter or rescue because you will know exactly if that dog will be more aloof to strangers, where as with a puppy it could go either way.

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  • 8 years ago

    I have a female boxer and have had 2 others, and they are the best companions. I'll never own another breed. They're so loyal and very smart. They learn very fast, but females are very stubborn to train. But, if you want a dog that is independent yet loving, a boxer is the way to go. Do some deep research about the breed you think you'd want. You'll come up with your answer!

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  • nodell
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    4 years ago

    OMG i know this became into written awhile decrease back even with the incontrovertible fact that it made me tear up. Makes me think of of my doggie. he's growing to be older and that i'm already getting unhappy understanding his time will come. yet purely know that she is at peace and you have been an staggering buddy!

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  • 8 years ago

    I can vouch for the dobermans. My personal choice would be a doby. Lovely animals, loyal always willing to see others when approached, at least that is how mine is.

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  • 8 years ago

    chow chows are pretty awesome guard dogs :)

    have a patterdale terrier (worst guard dog ever)

    Source(s): my friend has one lol
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    8 years ago

    Sounds like you might like a german shepard, if size isn't an issue.

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