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HELP! Should i buy a 2010 motorcycle with 36,700 miles on it? Its a Hyosung Gt250r?

Hey, I'm a beginning rider and im looking to purchase a used motorcycle on craigslist. I have been eyeing a grey and black 2010 Hyosung GT250R and it seems really nice and in tact. I just dont know how many miles are considered good or bad on a motorcycle. I'm looking to buy tomorrow so quick responses would be awesome. Thanks!


Also the guy only wants $2000 for it which is considered really good because my mother did not even want to let me get one.

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    The biggest problem with Chinese and Korean bikes is that they don't have a strong dealer network in the USA. So if you are 'out and about' and not close to your local dealer, getting service can be a problem. If this is an 'about town' type of bike, I'd I'd go for it, but I'd rather have a Hyosung, which is Korean, over the even more obscure Chinese bikes.

    Check out the local dealer, if this is the 'cheap' option for a strong Harley, Honda or Yamaha dealer, I'd go for it. but if the local dealer is some mechanic working out of his garage, PASS!

    (The comments about Yamaha is moronic. I have a 2007 650 Silverado that is a joy to ride!)

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    Sounds like you've found a fairly decent bike although the mileage is a bit high for a 2-3 yr old bike. Obviously someone who did a lot of highway miles. I commute every day and go on 200-400 mile weekend rides and I'm only averaging 6000 miles a year.

    Reviews of this bike sound pretty good. I had read that earlier models suffered from poor quality control but it sounds like this has been addressed. Try the link below for some reviews and info.

    Good luck!

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    This is just a thought.

    Could the reason its so cheap be because they dint hold value, in other words if you buy it will it later be of all but no value.

    I am with the other dudes in saying stick to the 4 major Jap brands. All are good.

    The less distance traveled the better and also find out about service. This is how often was it serviced and when is it next due.

    And don't forget. The person selling will say what ever he has to say to get you to buy.

    He is under no moral or legal obligation to tell the truth.

    Don't believe it if people says its illegal for him to trick you, while it is, you will never be able to prove he did.

    Don't expect any better honesty at dealers. They are just as ready to lie, in fact they are worse because you trust them and they know how to hide problems.

    Its very much a case of buyer beware.

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    Ya, I'm a car and motorcycle enthusiast. The Hyosungs don't have the best reputation, though. I would recommend a used Kawasaki, or Honda, cause they last, even with a lot of mileage.

    Source(s): Car and motorcycle magazines, Internet.
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    that dude is right, honda and Kawasaki last like forever, even yamaha's break faster than those 2,

    anyway i would not buy it, can you not get a cheap brand new chinese one ? with 1 year garantee

    my first bike was a 2002 yamaha scooter on 2011

    i regret getting it, i had to repair it almost every 3 weeks or month

    and the mechanics charged me at least £20 british pounds every time

    Source(s): experienced starter rider
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    7 years ago


    the engine in that bike is prone to catastrophic camshaft failure.

    we have had 6 come through our shop all with the same problem, and all have been between the 25,000 to 35,000 range.

    this can be a VERY expensive repair, and it is often cheaper to replace the engine.

    it often requires replacement of the valves, head, piston, upper bearings, cam chain, tensioner, and more. thats IF it wasnt run with a cam break.

    Source(s): shop manager.
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  • 7 years ago

    yes that's a good first bike, but with that mileage I wouldn't pay more than $1500, those bikes are only like 3 grand new

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Buy it! That's good for beginning... It's like when you get your first car... It's always pretty junky, but still wonderful.

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  • 7 years ago

    dont get it if it breaks you cant get parts for it

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