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{NRHH} What do you think the street believes to be the hottest album out?

I often see Answery writing how an albums quality hasn't been verified by the streets, thus the validity of the statement about the album in question (usually made by someone claiming an album to be a classic, one she perceives to be liked only by Internet denizens) is vapid and void.

I've long been intrigued by her claims, because before her opining and expounding upon the streets words, I'd never thought to ask the streets what it thought about an album, seeing as I presumed the streets (at least where I live) to be inanimate. Still, yesterday evening I attempted to finally trudge my way out to the streets, carrying a copy of Illmatic, curious about the streets consensus opinion about an album loved by the Internet, but despised by Answery. I began by trying to invoke innocuous interactions with the streets before veering the conversation into music, but to my surprise the streets didn't answer back. I was discouraged, thinking the streets were ignoring me, but I kept on, my resolve strong. Eventually I took the streets silence as a sign of disrespect, so I began to stomp upon it, but to no avail.

I'm having a dilemma now though. The streets were covered in snow, so could it just be they couldn't hear me? Should I attempt to shovel the snow and then ask my questions? Perhaps that particular street was simply deaf? Should I sign my question to the streets? Could it be the streets dislike anyone that's ever been near a computer with an Internet Broswer open (aside from Answery, of course)? Are any of my ideas viable? Or is it that, perhaps only Answery may speak to the streets?

Does she have a Dr. Doolittle-esque ability to speak with the streets?

Please help me, I'm concerned I may have offended the streets and I wish to be able to bask in it's words as well, since they're so qualitatively impressive that they're enough to base an entire argument about an album on. Especially since Answery is much superior to us peasants, her acting as a mediator between the streets and us, the Internet perusing scum and I don't wish to waste her precious time with such trivial matters like speaking to the streets and relaying the message to our undeserving minds. I wish to be able to free her schedule by becoming good enough for the streets to converse with. Thanks for any help you may give.

Also, since Answery needs things to be overt as possible, this is me criticizing your specious logic in a humorous manner by intentionally taking the meaning literally, a mondegreen of sorts. Feel free to call me childish, anally pained or any other name that tickles your fancy.

I apologize for the possibly rude tone of the question though.






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    Mic Messiah:

    If you would like to get in touch musically with the streets, at least the ones that Asky fantasizes about during her late night viewing of BET, I would suggest you renounce any music that is made by anyone lighter than Wesley Snipes, renounce any music that has any specs of creativity to it, renounce any music that is nerdy, hipstery or approves of homosexuality and renounce any music that attempts to portray, lyrically, anything other than "real life" in the streets.

    You see, Asky thinks she's special or novel because she dislikes old school hip hop (even though her alleged favorite rappers have been around since the early 90's) and alternative hip hop (it's much too try hardy for her supposedly college educated self). Instead, she likes to emphasize over and over again that good hip hop music need not be super "message" driven, pointing towards her like of the same 4 or 5 trap rappers. Of course, those of us who don't view college kids as the anti-christs know that such stance is hardly as new or ideal as Asky wants it to be (and none of us held any position to the contrary to begin with). In fact, groups such as Pitchfork, ones that deem Waka Flocka a pillar in current Hip Hop, push such ideas all the time. So, in what is a twist for Asky, her constant emphasis on the streets (and giving lessons about "snitching" and talking like anyone actually still says "It ain't trickin if you got it") is actually just a case of the very thing she thinks it's combating.

    I find Asky's answers comical and entertaining to be honest. It's almost as if some 40 year old white woman is carrying out some experiment in interacting with Hip Hop culture based solely on YA! and her knowledge of the film Boyz in the Hood.

    I would honestly like to debate her in any subject having to do with Hip Hop culture, academics or really anything her failing self would like to talk about.

    But in the end your point is well taken Mic Messiah, those who wish to engage in the life they see on Gangland are forced to create as large of a gap between the internet and "real life" as possible, only to ultimately realize that they've proven themselves to be clowns all along...

  • 7 years ago

    The Hardest Way To Make A Living by The Streets

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    She's an idi-ot she got love for city cops

    But yea it all depends back in the day queensbridge was all nas and mobb deep in the "the street"

    Everyone where I'm at is into roc marciano at least around campus if that counts as the street

  • 7 years ago

    "...at least the ones that Asky fantasizes about during her late night viewing of BET..."

    That made my depressing morning a little better :)

    Sorry, I'm just kind of assuming what you're trying to say/ask because I haven't taken my meds, and I'm too impatient to read the whole thing, but I assume it has something to do with her being dumb and a b*tch? If so, then yes, I agree, biggest tryhard to hit this section in the last few months.

    Nice to see you Mic :)

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    haha i see why u won. add me back. i use to think like answery and assumed what was in the burbs was always trash and the streets always hot. but really neither no much about music. old heads in the hood 23 and up will agree and say nas or 2pac is best usually yung kids in the steets like

    cheif kef, yo gotti and local emcees. bossie was king b4 his case and it was pretty universal about boosie too. i like boosie hate cheif keef i think yo gottis ight boosies a horrible person

    TRYLEMMA made veary good points. i tell her all the time i think shes closeminded but she doesnt agree she really likes lyricysm and real hi hop tho jus gangster rap

    and shes not a 40 year old white woman with no clue about the world shes just overly critical defensive and close minded but we all are to a certain extent

    i like her criticism sometimes and consider her my freind i also value her opinion but its just way off sometimes but anyway she loves scareface and jay-z those are her fav so she isnt a moron as yall imply

  • Just wanna say, congrats on winning your battle and this is a lovely question deserving of the stars it's already gotten (although Mic Messiah is the brightest of all stars).

    And thank you for tackling this problem head on. I too have noticed the contradictory and often rude comments Asky makes, although my non-confrontational and non-judgmental stance makes it impossible for me to interrogate her. I'm just curious as to what her opinions on hip hop actually are, because her views seem very vague and sometimes underdeveloped (primitive?).

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Ayyyy Mic Messiah what up? I respect that u keep ur questions short and sweet. Me and the street haven't really talked hip hop before

  • 4.Y+
    Lv 4
    7 years ago

    I remember trying to understand why the hell she was so hostile towards old school hip hop and so against the pseudo-intellectual hip hop music, but she was more concerned with calling me a bleeding vagina. I think the question was deleted though.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    I was walking on the streets today, and the streets was like "yo what the *** you listening to?"

    I said "some Common Market", and the streets was like "yo who the *** you think you are,

    some gotdamn college professor? F*cking pvssy @ss b*tch!"

    ayo, streets iz mean

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    This is the first time I read and understood a Mic messiah rant without opening dictionary.

    Damn I'm good

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