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What is the average age one becomes the "crazy cat lady"?

I am 26 years old and have 5 cats. My fiance and I live in a trailer with our son. I am worried that I may have become the "crazy cat lady". This morning there were five extra cats on my porch waiting for food and my five inside begging for food. Is it too late for me?

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    Sounds like you are getting there. But if you are all happy and your home is clean, then why not? You aren't hurting anything.

    Part of being a "crazy cat lady" is allowing cats to damage your home and possibly affect your health. Is your furniture scratched up? Does the trailer smell like cat pee? Does the carpet have nasty spots? Then you are DEFINITELY a crazy cat lady.

    Also, if you are inadvertently collecting cats outside, then you need to be careful. Females can have THREE litters each year!

    Source(s): My mom is not only a crazy cat lady (she puts shower curtains over the beds because one cat pees on the pillows-- GAG!), but she also feeds the strays, possums and raccoons outside!
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    I think becoming the "crazy cat lady"depends on the number of cats, not the number of years. Also, the condition of your home has a lot to do with it. If your place is getting scary because of the cats you might want to consider some changes to steer away from being branded the crazy cat lady. Not that it's such a bad thing, lol!

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    I was about 50 when I became a "crazy cat lady" according to my kids. I always one at heart, but I really started working with cats after I retired and the more the merrier. I foster cats/kittens so I am not technically a hoarder. But I have had up to 14 at a time. I don't suggest you do that as it was very difficult to give them all the attention I felt they should have. Around 6 or 8 is the top limit that is reasonable.

    Hey, my cats/kittens don't tear up my house or furniture. I spend lots of time working with them so they turn into adoptable cats/kittens and they behave themselves with lots and lots of love.

    Source(s): foster mom of cats/kittens
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    It's never too late. Sounds like you like being the crazy cat lady.

    Why is it so? Maybe ask Dr. Phil. Cheers. :)

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