Jeep 2002 Grand Cherokee (4.0 six 4WD) Wiper issue.?

My 2002 Grand Cherokee has developed a strange front wiper issue. The wipers still function, but do not "park" properly. The wipers will halt anywhere on the windshield at times. Takes fiddling with the wiper switch to get them to park. Anyone's guess ? Bad wiper motor ? Bad "park sensor" ? Any guidance will be appreciated.

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  • Mike S
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    8 years ago
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    Over time the transmission on the windshield wiper motor will wear out....that is not an uncommon problem not only for jeeps but for all cars, trucks....etc.....I just had the motor replaced in mine this past year and they will not park correctly unless it's raining outside...they stay up about 3 to 4" problem I just take my hand and push them back does not mean that the motor is going just means the connection on the transmission is a bit worn out.....

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    Jeep 2002

  • 8 years ago

    ya if fiddling w/the sw gets the wipers to park then start there. Or,, take it somewhere that will do the diagnostic w/o charge, that takes a little phone work depending upon where you live. Then buy the part from them, in that way yer not ripping them for diag. and your're buying something from them.


    i know i'm sloppy w/my typing c-ya

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

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