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Swelling foreskin of penis. need help?

I just master bated about an hour ago and I noticed that my penis is starting to swell I'm 13 and this has happened before but it swelled badly and i went to the doctor and got medicine for it. the foreskin is covering the head almost to the tip and its scaring me I looked on google and most people said I will go away in a day or two but I'm still scared. Some one help me. I dot have a disease or anything. I did stroke to long and rough. is that a problem?

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    Yes you can get infections like the 4 million blondie has had in her bacteria ridden yeast infected vagina. That's why she had her foreskin removed.

    Oh wait she didn't she's a typical American woman (no brains)

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    There would be a few causes on your challenge. It would be a yeast infection (also known as thrush) considering the fact that these are handy to capture even with out genuine sex. It would just be smegma which is constantly produced underneath the foreskin and most likely looks slightly like cottage cheese. Both way, the very first thing to do is to make certain that you just smooth absolutely under your foreskin at least daily. You need to retract your foreskin wholly to reveal the whole glans and the 'groove' in the back of it. Wash good with warm water and a mild soap to do away with all the white stuff. Rinse the cleaning soap off totally, pat dry and change your foreskin over your glans. You have to use soap when you consider that smegma is an oil based waste material and may not be absolutely eliminated via water on my own. If this does not treatment your predicament in a few days you will have to see your healthcare professional for a suitable examination and prognosis. Handiest he can definitively tell what the reason is, and thus the right remedy. Please do not are trying self-remedy with over-the-counter products as they is also for the wrong type of contamination and not simplest do no good (for that reason losing cash) but may just definitely make the quandary worse. Your foreskin may be getting sore when you retract it given that it's a bit too tight and so you're developing small tears in the skinny internal layer. Your health care provider shall be capable to assess if you're suffering from phimosis (tight foreskin) and prescribe the nice treatment for it.

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    You are not properly cleaning it

    best thing to do right now... is soak in epsom salt & water slightly cooler than body temp

    if it is not possible to slide the foreskin all the way back by morning... then you need to tell parents

    so that you can go to the doctor & get medication again

    having a foreskin requires proper cleaning.... and keeping it clean all the time

    this does not mean you should use soap or anything else... it means rinsing it properly

    even something like vasaline can cause an infection

    when you went to the doctor... did they tell you about this? how to keep properly clean & how you should make sure it pushes all the way back on a regular basis?

    I know a grown man who had to get his foreskin cut off because it got badly infected one time & would not slip down like it was supposed to after that

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    Get some lubricant Durex from supermarket.

    Rub them on your manhood, then go to bed each night.

    Put lub on each time you masturbate.

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    It should go away as long as you don't masterbate again until it goes down. If you masterbate for to long and/or to hard that tends to happen.

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    this is why some people like to get it removed :P you can get lots of infections if you dont remove it

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    just don't go to hard honey

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