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Belgian Malinois vs German Shepherd?

I want to get a family/protective dog and my choices came down to a Belgian malinois and German shepherd. What are their differences of mindset? How different are these breeds?

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    Neither breed is guaranteed to protect you without thorough and proffessional PPD training which will cost a hell of a lot of money and will take 18-24 months of training to be 100% reliable. YOU would also need to be taught how to handle the dog. The most you can expect from an untrained dog is a bark when strangers are near your property. The correctly bred Malinois is a dog that needs plenty of mental stimulation and it is a highly prey driven dog that has intense focus on its work and it needs firm handling. A good working bred gsd is similar. Both breeds if not bred correctly can suffer from weak nerves.

    Info on Malinois>>http://www.google.co.uk/webhp?source=search_app#hl...


    Info on Gsd>>http://www.google.co.uk/webhp?source=search_app#hl...

    Both breeds require an owner who is of an authoriative nature and not afraid to install discipline to the dog. Please be aware though that "fear aggression" or "possessive aggression" which can appear in badly bred dogs is not to be confused with a dog "protecting".

    However......Just the sight of a large barking dog can deter many would be intruders or assailants, but not all of them. Jmo.

    Source(s): Gsd owner for 48 years.
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    Belgian Malinois and German shepherds are very similar and many get confused with the two, but when it comes to mindset there are big differences.

    If you are active, a great dog trainer, ready to be a pack leader, and are willing to have a very extreme dog smarter than you, the Belgian Malinois might be right for you. You need a LOT of time and patience with Malinois, they are intense, strong, fast, athletic, intelligent, and highly capable of anything really. I wouldn't get one for a family pet unless you have experience. Although they are good with kids, they require lots of exercise due to their high energy levels. They can't just go on walks or play in a yard with toys. These dogs need their minds worked, they need a job to do. They're not too popular as a pet but they dominate in dog sports like agility, flyball, frisbee, dock jumpers, obedience, ringsport, ipo, schutzhund, and jobs like police, military, guard dogs, tracking dogs, search & rescue, and herding dogs. They are harder to train than the German shepherd, however once you got the trianing down, you get more out of them. That's why they're ideal for sporting and working and are increasingly becoming popular.

    The German shepherd is a bigger, stronger, and calmer version, more ideal for a housepet or guard dog. They don't need as much exercise or training, but they also still need to be worked. Do some research and you will see differences. I would say get a German shepherd for family use, a Belgian Malinois for working or sporting dog and as for companion or one person dog you can get both.

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    Just for your question I will tell you go with the GSD, Malinois are great working dogs, it is the breed of choice of the US army, most police department and even the German police dump the GSD as a police dog.

    Malinois are also called maligator or GSD on crack, It is not every ones dog, they are in always hiper mode they can be a pet after 4 or 5 years when they settle a little bit. GSD is perhaps your best choice the can be very intimidating and easier to handle, both are great breeds, I like the mals better but I am dog trainer aficionado so I keep challenging my dogs daily.

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    German shepherd definitely. Both breeds are great guard dogs. But Belgians tend to be more stubborn and it can be a little bit challenging to train them. I currently have two German shepherds who are great dogs and will give there life for me.

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    In my opinion a GSD makes a better family pet. If by 'protection' you mean just a deterrent for people with not-so-good intentions, a GSD is more intimidating to look at just due to size and build, even if they are just laid-back pets. A Mal is just less intimidating to look at, they are small and lean and less recognizable though the general public is starting to catch on to them.

    I have never met a 'just-a-pet' Mal so I can't really comment, I've only seen them working or training. The Mals I have met are really 'intense' in their focus, need a high level of stimulation and a commitment in training and handling, and a lot of exercise.

    If you are wanting to get into actual protection sport, either breed works it's personal preference. Watch both breeds work if you can and get a feel for them.

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    Malinois are way crazy. Even some k9 cops have to send them back to their breeders because they can't handle them. Get a German shepherd.

  • 7 years ago

    German Shepherd they are the most protective pet.

    Source(s): Friends
  • 7 years ago

    They are the same, Belgian Malinois are just bigger.

    My grandmother has a GSD, and her neighbor has a Belgian Malinois, and they act just the same.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    go with the gsd (german shepherd dog)

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