Needing help for wireless for my ps3?

I'm in my college dorm, and unfortunately I have to share the wireless router with many other people living on campus. At first everything was working great and I didn't even have any lagging problems. But then I started getting all these media serves with people's names I don't even know. I would then start getting an error saying "Too many media serves, some media servers won't be displayed" and I also got the dlna error, I believe it is error 7531. Now I automatically get signed out of psn. Is there a way to delete all these unnecessary media servers? They are all located under the photo, music, and video icons.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Ask playstation just go to and support and tell them what has been happening and they should email you to fix the problem or you can call them and check your Internet connection I hoped this helped

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