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Need help! TARTE Amazonian clay 12hr full coverage foundation or JOSIE MARAN tinted moisturizer??!!?

Hi please help me i cant afford to buy both at the same time. But i need to know which ones are worth every Penny?

Please comment and anwer if you had owned and tried any one of the above mentioned. Or if you or anyone ard you like sisters or girlfriends had tried them.

Your thoughts would be grateful for me.

Lotsa love from SNR

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    I LOVEEEEE Tatre Amazonian Clay 12 hr!!! It is the BEST foundation I have ever owned...and I have owned ALOT!!!!

    I havent tried the Josie Maran but I know for a fact that Tarte's foundation is amazing. It is a matte finish where I need it to be and it doesnt dry out my skin which is very important. AND the texture is like a mousse kind of...Its hard to explain. I get so many compliments because it makes my skin look FLAWLESS!!!

    Although it is a little pricey you are getting 3x's the normal amount of product..For instance a normal foundation size would be 1 fl oz I think Tarte's is like 3 fl oz...You can check on that fact I cant really remember off the top of my head. Anyways GOOD LUCK!!!

    If you are wanting a tinted moisturizer though Tarte does have a BB cream that comes in 4 shades...

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    Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-hour Full-Coverage Foundation ;

    This is a horrible broke me out, irritated my skin, and my skin would get oily in just a couple hours. Do not buy if you have any chance of breaking out. For the amount of money you pay, it's absurd that you are getting junk in a bottle. Not worth it to ruin your face, or waste your money.

    Josie Maran Cosmetics Tinted Moisturizer ;

    Still playing with this one but so far its pretty good.... I havent tried it all over my face yet just cos i feel like its too thick...I've been using it as a concealer for under eyes/post spot marks in conjunction with the Josie Maran tinted SPF lotion (the one in the glass jar w/ the pump)... great results! This might be the one i use during the winter but for spring/summer i cant say ill try it all over lol

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