Do different crape myrtle varieties grow at different rates?

I have one red rocket crape myrtle that I planted 3 years ago which blooms in the summer but isn't getting much taller and the trunks are still very skinny. I also have 3 white crape myrtles which I planted about a year ago. After the first year the white ones are twice as tall and the trunks are much fatter. They all receive the same amount of sun, water and fertilizer. I noticed the black stuff on the leaves and trunks of the red rocket last winter but it was gone by spring. Could this be slowing the growth? Could there be something else wrong? Or is it normal for red rockets to grow slower?

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  • 8 years ago
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    yes, depending on variety, crapes can vary from dwarf/shrub like to trees.

    Also plants will vary within the same variety depending on the root system. One may have a kinked system due to constaints at some time in their growing container. These kinks do not straighten out when planted on, the kink remains thus inhibiting the root system's ability to function properly.

  • Bill Z
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    8 years ago

    they may be dwarf crape myrtles. some will only get about 4-6 feet tall.

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