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What are the latest good books on star signs?

I would like to find some new books on Star signs.I have the various Linda Goodman books.I used to have the Penny Thornton Book,"Romancing the stars".That was one of the best books I ever had until I lent it to someone and never got it back.

What star sign books show each of the 12 star signs and their compatibility?


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    In the opening God created the sings in the heavens and which drew a photo of the coming Messiah. It was once corrupted at Babylon. Be taught Mazzeroth some time. It's the Gospel within the stars. The Zodiac is a special zone of the heavens extending about 9° each aspect of the Ecliptic. This is divided into twelve components, each of which has its possess unusual “sign.” The phrase “Zodiac” is not to be derived from ζάω, or ζήν, to live, or ζώδιον, slightly animal (for now not the entire signs are animals), however from a extra old root through the Hebrew צעד, to go, to move with the aid of steps, to step, to maneuver slowly in a regular and stately manner. (See 2 Sam. 6:13. Jer. 10:5. Judges 5:4. Ps. Sixty eight:8. Hab. Three:12). The noun way a step. In order that the Zodiac is literally a way with steps. Its later Biblical identify is Mazzaroth (מַוָּרוֹת), Job 38:32 (see margin); or Mazzaloth

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    No idea

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