What form of OCD is this?

I saw a guy who was in pain and a physical mess.His hair was growing.it hadnt been trimmed.His beard was growing and also never trimmed.His fingernails and toe nails were extremely long.,They hadnt been trimmed in years.He was a wreck and in obvious pain because of it.His appearance was extremely grotty.I spoke to him as he owns a business.He said it was obsessive compulsive disorder.I have tried to find out what this version of ocd is called.It stopped him doing things.It stopped him doing all forms of grooming.There has to be a name for it.Do you know what its called?

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    8 years ago
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    Severity of functional impairment (neglect in self-care- hygiene, clothing, or appearance) and quality of life in OCD differs from person, subtype and whether comorbidity of another disorder (such as depression) is present. I have two studies for you below.

    Obsessive–compulsive disorder is associated with significant functional impairment across various life domains, including reduced physical functioning, increased use of healthcare services, financial difficulty, and lower overall quality of life. ... Analyses revealed that the presence of obsessions and checking was associated with greater overall impairment and lifestyle impairment, and hoarding was associated with greater overall impairment and impairment in activity involvement.


    Specifically, our results suggest that depression accounts for the relationship between either obsessions or compulsions and quality of life or functional impairment. Also individuals with OCD and comorbid disorders tend to be significantly more impaired than individuals with OCD without comorbidity


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    The "all or nothing" form of being a perfectionist..

  • 8 years ago

    This guy is Schizophrenic....

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