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What's the deal with North Korea, are they a threat to world peace?


No offense nk, but go teach the planet your wisdom, I know bishops less pious

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    No offense, but I love it when people suddenly become aware of political/historical events like this. This has been an significant on going part of US and world history for the past 60 years. What are people learning in school these days?!?

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    Well, we are supposed to be the world police, so until Obama says this can't go on any longer, Kim Jon Un will do what ever he wants. Now, understand Obama...Does. Not. Care. He will let it go until this child takes it too far. By that time, it will be too late to fix it. It fits in Obama plan. I bet he thinks the young leader just needs a little training. The reality is Obama want to learn from the young Dear Leader.

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    Not particularly.

    Basically, they are a cry for help and attention.

    The government is a totalitarian dictatorship with a god complex, the people starve, and the economy lies in ruins. They scream and rage like banshees in an effort to establish a facade of dominance. It's pitiful and I hope they are reunited under the South Korean democracy in the near future.

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    North Korea is an example of the extremes that genetically intelligent people are capable of when quarantined from others of their kind. I've never been to NK, but I have been to Cuba fairly recently. Because I speak Spanish fairly well, I gained the confidence of a wonderful guide who spoke English better than I did Spanish. To her, visiting another country was as remote a dream as my winning a lottery, but she accepted her confinement as her fate. It was a surreal and enlightening experience for me.

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    No, we'll ride on those dudes. They just make for good news and a good reason for our government to keep spending lots of money on missile defense and other military type ****. I wouldn't worry about them but who does? I know they say don't under estimate your opponent but that saying falls flat in this case.

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    Probably not, they just want people to give them **** and pay attention to them.

    Don't be fooled into thinking that the North Korean leadership believes its own propaganda.

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    Its a threat of peace, because if we do go to war with them, then we will have to fight their innocent soldiers, who have nothing to do with the issue, who are starving, and brought out from their homes, and forced to fight in NK's military... The war will end very quickly, but those innocent lives will be lost...

    Its not that North Korea is a threat to the world. One of the reasons is that most of the world is civilized, and a civilized country won't fight against innocent starving soldiers, as that would be un-ethical.

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    nk knows they will be deleted immediately if they try anything.

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