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What do you prefer: overly friendly dogs or protective dogs?

It has come to my attention that quite alot of people, particularly on this site (no offense of course) seem to prefer dogs that are VERY friendly over watch/guard dogs. I myself prefer watch dogs, or protective dogs lol. No offense to friendly dogs. Its just that dogs that are too friendly will want to become friends with almost anyone, including someone you may not like lol!! Anyway, which do you prefer?


Auroch: uhm....ok?

Update 2:

Tonic: I didn't say anything about attacking!!! I just said watchdog, which is different!! I just don't love the idea of random strangers walking up to me every 10 seconds (it would get annoying)

Update 3:

anti-bsl: What dog do you have?

Update 4:

anti-bsl: Aren't all 3 of those breeds of the one dog protective breeds (from what I heard they are) Also sorry if all my questions are annoying you lol!

Update 5:

WyrDachsie: Would you suggest a great dane? They are good watchdogs, but they are actually big giant sweethearts for their size, yet their size alone is very intimidating. Same goes true for mastiffs. Very big, yet very sweet.

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    I have both types! Hah. I have four dogs. Two of them (the oldest two, ages 11 and 2) will be very protective and bark at a strangers car coming down our driveway but they'd never bite a soul, they are both gentle sweethearts.

    My youngest two puppies (6 months and 3 months) are very friendly and love everyone haha.

    But then again, when the older dogs are barking the puppies will usually join in, so we have plenty of warning when someone is coming!

    For example, the other day the energy Australia guy came around, the eldest dogs started barking, the puppies joined in, and when the guy got out of his ute the puppies greeted him happily while my two year old went to bail him up, but once we called him off he greeted him nicely. He even jumped in his ute tray to go for a ride when he was leaving!

    Overall, I'd like something that warned me if someone was coming, like my eldest dogs do.

  • 8 years ago

    When you live in the country or less populated area, it's fine if you want a "protection" dog. However, when you live in an urban area or large city, the last thing you want a dog that is "over protective". That will cause nothing but problems.

    I'd rather have an overly friendly dog. BTW, any dog that is large, doesn't matter what breed, is enough to deter someone from bothering you.

    Where do you live that random strangers are walking up to you? Heck, I'm in NYC and strange

    people don't walk up to you.

    edit: if a dog is jumping up on people, trying to lick lick strangers, that dog is Untrained. BTW, I have dachshunds, they will not let anyone that I don't welcome thru the door. They will bark to alert. However, when we are out on the street, I expect them to ignore other dogs & people. The only time my dogs will approach someone is if I say "Go Say Hi". My dogs don't play with othe dogs either, they would much rather play with me, as I am more interesting and fun.

  • 8 years ago

    Well, dear; my dog is NOT overly friendly, nor is he a protective dog in the aggressive sense. If he was an aggressive dog he would not be alive today because I would never tolerate that.

    This dog merely puts up a challenge to anyone approaching my property to assure that I am aware of their approach. If he recognizes the person he immediately goes into non confrontational mode on his own. Any other scenario and he will await my command to be quiet. Once he has my assurance he settles down.

    I am comfortable in the knowledge that if he perceives a direct threat that he will respond to it. Before I got him he had a three bite history and he was under a shoot on sight order for that.

    -------------------- however ------------------

    If a neighbourhood child runs into my yard after a stray ball I am also confident that this dog WILL NOT rip this child to shreds. And T H A T is the kind of dog I prefer.

  • heart
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    8 years ago

    Oh not me! I really dislike it when dogs get in my face or my dogs' faces or butts, really push themselves on me or my dogs and have no social skills whatsoever. The owners shouldn't allow that at least not without asking or warning first!

    This is why some breeds like boxers and labs kind of tend to annoy me, but I don't dislike them, I just wish the owners would control their over friendly dogs.

    My dogs have no desire to play in dog parks...they play with each other and me though. I think I do definitely prefer this way. I can let my dogs off leash safely, and they have no inclination to run up to anyone or dog we pass. (I leash them when I see others though since the other person doesn't know that they won't rush them - many are surprised they won't) But they don't dislike people at all. They enjoy when someone comes over and pets them. They seem to know when something is up though and they'll warn me if a person is standing down the path in the night for example by changing body language, they get stiffer, one of my dogs will stop and might bark.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Friendly dogs.

    Only specific breeds suit being personal protection/guard dogs; even then, they need to be bred a certain way and trained by a professional a certain way. Training to which will cost over 1,000$ to which only certain breeds with a certain temperament can be put into, thats not even counting the cost of the dog itself

    If you try and train a dog yourself or allow a mediocre imbecile to come along and do a half assed job at trying to turn just any old dog into a 'Guard dog' then you can very well find yourself in court and that dog put to sleep for when/if it was to attack(even a simple nip) someone you know who was allowed to come into the home.

    I have no interest in purchasing a dog bred and raised specifically for guarding/personal protection. I dont intend in paying over 1,000$ for a dog that would want to rip into the little old lady next door who has come over to borrow a cup of sugar because in that dogs eye the little old lady is a stranger.

    i love the breeds commonly used as protection dogs, however I will not be getting the dog to protect me. i should be the one protecting the dog and not the other way around.

    + I have two. A mixed breed of Boxer,Am staff, Rhodesian Ridgeback and the other being a Jack Russell Terrier pup.

    + None were bred specifically to protect.

    Boxer/ Boxers were originally used for dog fighting and to run down and hold large game such as wild boar and bison until the hunter could arrive.

    American Staffordshire Terrier/ Used for dog fighting.

    Rhodesian Ridgeback/ Rhodesian Ridgebacks were originally bred and used for hunting large game.

    All three breeds have a love for people. My mixed breed is a complete fail at guarding/protection. You can just forget about the JRT being a guarder, originally bred to hunt down and dispose of rats she too would make a utter failure at protecting. One swift kick and away she would probably fly like a football (as bad as that sounds its true!)

    However, the only issue with overly friendly dogs is when they have owners who have zero control over said dog and dont take into consideration of other people and other peoples allowing their over the top happy dog to come bounding up and jumping all over...that's what irks me.

  • 8 years ago

    Ah ha ha ha I HATE friendly dogs. I can't stand dogs that jump or try to lick my face they completely disgust me. My dogs are very inquisitive. They won't bark at people they know or people I am talking too, they sorta just chill out and check them out. If your in my woods and they don't know you they might eat you if they get loose. I have two male Catahoulas. If you trespass on my property and my dog whips yer behind to bad.. I wouldn't lose in Court as you would be illegally trespassing.

  • 8 years ago

    I love all dogs. Both overly friendly dogs and watch dogs have their merits. And a watch dog can also be a very friendly dog with his/her family and the people he/she knows. Any dog will protect what is his/hers, i.e. his/her home and family, if the need arises.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I expect my dogs to bark at strangers, but not to show aggression towards them. I will handle any threats to my home personally. If you honestly expect your dogs to attack random strangers, you have a problem and will probably end up in court someday. Your animals should not be your first line of defense, and nobody is going to take your side if they end up harming someone because you were too careless to control them.

  • Murzy
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    8 years ago

    friendly dogs

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