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Fourteenth century - true or false?

Decide whether the following statements about the fourteenth century are true or false. (If part of the statement is correct, and part of it is incorrect, then the statement is false.)

1. People at that time did not know what a potato was and so could never have eaten chips or crisps or mash.

2. Electricity had not been invented and so houses were lit by candles and streets were illuminated by gaslight.

3.The unit of money used was the ducat.

4. William Shakespeare was writing 200 years earlier.

5. William Shakespeare was writing at the same time.

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14th century england

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    In some parts of the world potatoes were known,but not in Britain, sir walter raleigh (1534-1618) bought them back from one of his trips to south america,of course electricity was not known in the 1300's,and gas wasn't known about either,candles were used in the houses and the streets were not lit at all richer people paid people to walk ahead of them with twigs burning,but a lot of people just did not go out at nightl,the coinage was halfpennies,pennies,groats,silver pennies and gold pennies(for the rich) In the 1340's and 1350's new coins were introduced,these were the ryal or rose noble,valued at 10 shillings,and the angel,which was valued at a third of a pound, and pennies of course. The late medieval coinage had a high reputation in europe for reliability and stability,but this was ruined by henry VIII (1509-1547) as he debased the coinage,by reducing the amount of silver and gold in it.Finally ,shakespeare was not a medieval writer,he was born in 1564 and died in 1616,the fourteenth century was all the 1300's i hope this helped.

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    To support James on this one, an exercise like this is to test your research skills, not to have someone else do your exercise for you. Those of us who contribute answers enjoy sharing our knowledge (and sometimes learning something too when we check our facts) but you will never acquire proper skills in using the Internet unless you make some effort to do your own research.

    You might find this boring but it is absolutely essential for the world you are going to live in. Among other skills you will learn is how to tell a good site from a bad or misleading one.

    Some useful online resources below.

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    Do you not have google...? It would take literally 2 minutes to answer those, less time than it took you to type them on to Yahoo Answers!

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