Fourteenth century - true or false?

Decide whether the following statements about the fourteenth century are true or false. (If part of the statement is correct, and part of it is incorrect, then the statement is false.)

1. People at that time did not know what a potato was and so could never have eaten chips or crisps or mash.

2. Electricity had not been invented and so houses were lit by candles and streets were illuminated by gaslight.

3.The unit of money used was the ducat.

4. William Shakespeare was writing 200 years earlier.

5. William Shakespeare was writing at the same time.

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14th century england

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    The potato was unknown to the old world, although it was a dietary staple in Peru for millennia. New world wasn't discovered till 1492 (15th century), so the answer to one is False.

    Electricity wasn't 'invented" -- but people at that time hadn't learned how to harness it, how to create it with generators, etc, so I'm guessing the prof wants False.

    The unit of money was the ducat in parts of the world, but certainly not all of the world -- not even all of Europe -- I'd say False.

    Shakespeare wrote (or copied others) in the 16th Century, so 4 and 5 are also False.

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