Should I have kept my nose out? ADULTS ONLY?

My husband is an actor, and recently he was going to a casting. The casting was for Thomas Cook (nice clean strait laced travel company), and for the casting the agency asked that he prepare a short funny anecdote from a time he went travelling. So my husband came up with one, which was the time he went to Malaysia, picked up a beautiful woman, but when they got back to the hotel room she turned out to be a man with a kind of half penis/ half clitoris. So I said "honey, I think that some people will find that really offensive and it's not really funny". He disagreed with me and said that actually people did, but I have seen him tell that story to people and they laugh kind of uncomfortably and then move on. So then he decided to come up with another one, but this time it was about the first time he took Acid (he thought this was clever because it's going on a "trip"), and about how he vomited several times and he then enjoyed the view of his vomit circles. So again I said "people often find stories about vomit/ drugs/ sex/ post-op trannies quite uncomfortable and not everyone is as open minded as you or our circle of friends". So he got really offended and angry and said that I didn't understand acting and if the people at the casting didn't like who he really is then that's just their problem. The thing is, I don't care if it's acting or not, I believe like most things its about selling yourself and appealing to something they want. If you know they're casting for a kids programme there's no use bulldozing your way in displaying your hobby of satanism (if that's what your hobby is). Usually I would poke my nose out, but this is his job and we need money and I don't really give hsit about his "art".

But should I have kept my nose out?

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  • 7 years ago
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    You probably should have let him go to his casting, let him succeed or fail on his own terms, and then say "well done" or "bad luck, it'll be ok next time". You haven't changed anything for the better by intervening, no matter how much I agree with your take on his material.

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  • Monza
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    7 years ago

    Those kind of stories could go either way really good or really bad. Much to risk. I think I would find something a bit more tame with a good laugh. Those two stories make him sound like he has had a questionable past. These will be his employers, so I wouldn't talk about picking up men dressed as women in an Asian country or a drug bender gone wrong. If I hired this guy, I would fear he would be a problem person on the sets, and kind of crazy.

  • 7 years ago

    I think that you always have to keep in mind who your audience is. The Malaysia story is pretty funny, but I agree with you, may not be appropriate for these folks. The vomit story just sounds adolescent.

    For other audiences, casting agents, these two stories may be great, but for the more conventional audience he's going after, why not just make up something clever? It IS acting, after all. :)

    You DO care about him -- and you don't want to control what he does, but if he's smart, he'll definitely use you as a sounding board.

  • 7 years ago

    You sound justified. You need money. Most actors don't make a living acting. (Likewise artists, writers, etc., of which I am one) If he can make a living doing what he loves, great. But if he can't, he needs to find a more mundane job. If he just insists on doing his "art" and dammit if people don't "get it," he's not looking for a job. He's pursuing a hobby.

    Hobbies are awesome. I wish him the best of luck in his hobby. But if he needs a job and he's refusing to cater to would-be employers, he's not job-seeking. It is totally unreasonable for him to think that was appropriate for the audition, and even more inappropriate to think he shouldn't have to think about appropriateness. He needs to grow up.

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  • 3 years ago

    Good, I believe it all is dependent upon how legit the casting corporations are. You stated that Thomas prepare dinner is quality, smooth, and straight laced - for my part, perhaps - in a tender and non-accusatory method - inform your husband to suppose of one other humorous brief. Supply him some good suggestions; if they're rather humorous, he may want to use one you came up with or determined. Nonetheless, it could enable him to stand out, but then again, if it is a *rather* funny brief, he will not ought to provide you with something inappropriate. Hope the whole lot goes good!

  • 7 years ago

    Your husband sounds like an asshole with the stories he comes up. Transexual freaks and puking on acid. He needs someone to help him with picking out stories because he has not clue whatsoever as to what is normal.

  • 7 years ago

    I think his stories are inappropriate for a work environment, regardless of the type of industry. I wouldn't tell a story like that at a job interview.

  • I think you are married to someone who is not very bright, and will never be a contributing member of the marriage. I'd rethink the long term with this man. He's dumb and will never be financially stable at this rate.

  • 7 years ago

    I tend to agree with you, but I am also an artist, so I know this didn't go well.

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