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Should I have kept my nose out? ADULTS ONLY?

My husband is an actor, and recently he was going to a casting. The casting was for Thomas Cook (nice clean strait laced travel company), and for the casting the agency asked that he prepare a short funny anecdote from a time he went travelling. So my husband came up with one, which was the time he went to Malaysia, picked up a beautiful woman, but when they got back to the hotel room she turned out to be a man with a kind of half penis/ half clitoris. So I said "honey, I think that some people will find that really offensive and it's not really funny". He disagreed with me and said that actually people did, but I have seen him tell that story to people and they laugh kind of uncomfortably and then move on. So then he decided to come up with another one, but this time it was about the first time he took Acid (he thought this was clever because it's going on a "trip"), and about how he vomited several times and he then enjoyed the view of his vomit circles. So again I said "people often find stories about vomit/ drugs/ sex/ post-op trannies quite uncomfortable and not everyone is as open minded as you or our circle of friends". So he got really offended and angry and said that I didn't understand acting and if the people at the casting didn't like who he really is then that's just their problem. The thing is, I don't care if it's acting or not, I believe like most things its about selling yourself and appealing to something they want. If you know they're casting for a kids programme there's no use bulldozing your way in displaying your hobby of satanism (if that's what your hobby is). Usually I would poke my nose out, but this is his job and we need money and I don't really give hsit about his "art".

But should I have kept my nose out?

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    if your husband considers these stories even remotely funny or acceptable - he is a very bad actor. maybe he should start rethinking about his way of making money. those jokes were not funny, they were really gross, people would not be laughing at them, they would look at each other in disgust and will feel very awkward for your husband. u did a good thing, he is pissed off cos he can not do any better

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    Well, I think it all depends on how professional the casting agencies are. You said that Thomas Cook is nice, clean, and straight laced - in my opinion, maybe - in a gentle and non-accusatory way - tell your husband to think of another funny short. Give him some good ideas; if they're really funny, he may want to use one you came up with or found. However, it could allow him to stand out, but then again, if it's a *really* funny short, he won't need to come up with anything inappropriate.

    Hope everything goes well!

    Source(s): Boyfriend's father is a film producer.
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    These style of reviews could go both means fairly just right or rather unhealthy. So much to danger. I consider i might in finding something a bit extra tame with a good snicker. Those two experiences make him sound like he has had a questionable past. These shall be his employers, so i wouldn't speak about identifying up men dressed as women in an Asian country or a drug bender gone improper. If I hired this man, i would worry he would be a quandary man or woman on the units, and style of loopy.

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    Your both right in a way. Psychologically speaking, laughter is often produced by an unexpected twist in a story. He has the right idea by hitting on topics that people are not expecting. But you are also right because if the entire story is unexpected then there is no twist to get the laugh and it is just awkward. He needs to start the story in a calm appropriate manner to lull the audience into a sense of false security and then hit them with the unexpected twist to get the laugh. His crazy ideas will work great for the twist but not for the bulk of the story.

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    Commendable, certainly, that he would want to stay true to himself. But not many of us in life trying to find money to pay their mortgages and put food on the table get that luxury. The reality is, if he wants to get this particular job, Thomas Cook will be looking for the best-fit candidate that reflects without too much imagination what kind of company they are attempting to portray -- as you say, a clean, straight-laced, wholesome kind of company so they'll be looking for a clean, straight-laced, wholesome kind of guy to represent them. Tailor your interview technique and how you present yourself appropriately to your audience if you want to get the job (and then stay in that job). It's as simple as that and no different to any kind of industry. In fact, I'd probably say, having worked in Media where high-profile artists were my clients, that that little nugget of information is never more so applicable.

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    No, you did the right thing by speaking up. It sounds as though your criticism was very gentle indeed. You know that people are not amused by the kinds of stories he chose. I sure wouldn't find either of those amusing, much less entertaining. For him to be rude and insulting to you was very childish . If one has to resort to unsavory topics in order to get a reaction, I think he needs to hone his story telling skills a little more.

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