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How do some posts to yahoo answers have links that work while other links dont?

I read & reply to yahoo answers.When people post a link with their question sometimes the link does work and you can go to it.Other posts there are links that dont work yet some people seem to be able to go to that site.

I use mozilla firefox most of the time.Those who post links that do work seem to have a certain amount of points.My links work when I reply to a question that requires a link.How is it that some people are able to see a link on a post?

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    In addition to the level information other asnwerers provided, it is possible that the person posting the link, whether a level 2 or above (linkable links) or level 1 (no working links) doesn't copy the whole url, so that you get an incomplete website or link. If you see a ... at the end of a text only link, then I probably won't work - a lot of information has been left off.

    If a clickable link does exist, a user of any level should be able to access that link. Only level 1 users are prohibited from posting a working link because of the possibility of spam. Y!A has deemed that a level 2 user and above have "earned" the privilege of working links.

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    In order to cut spam to post a hyperlink to photo bucket, Flickr or any other site a member must be at least on the 2nd level, minimum 250 points. Many aren't so no hyperlink.

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    For it to be clickable it must start with http:// and posted by level 2 or above

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    Nope, it's completely arbitrary. Sometimes the links work and sometimes they don't. Sometimes they let you add links when you put it with a question, and sometimes they don't.

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