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My wife screams during sex?

Like she screams half the time. We are having sex 3-4 times a week and she started 3 weeks ago. It is a major turn off to me. What can I do about this?


We have been married for a year and I do not watch porn

Update 2:

And it is a turn off and we have sex 3-4 times a week because she starts it and no guy is going to turn away sex

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    How long have you been married? Longer than 3 weeks? So this is a new behavior. My guess is that you watch porn and that she is rightfully unhappy about the fact. She probably saw what you watch and is trying to copy what they do to provide you with what she takes as a dissatisfaction with sex with her. If that's true tell her you are sorry you watched porn, get rid of it and tell her you love her and are happy with your sex life with her and that she doesn't need to scream. If im wrong about the porn thing let me know and I will try another guess.

    Ok my next guess is that one of her female friends told her that she screams and her husband likes it, or she got the idea that you would like it from somewhere. The thing to do is say something like "I've noticed you have become very vocal during sex. is there a particular reason you have started doing this just recently?" Depending on her answer you can say something like "I sometimes enjoy seeing your less loud expressions of pleasure too".

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    My wife screams during sex?

    Like she screams half the time. We are having sex 3-4 times a week and she started 3 weeks ago. It is a major turn off to me. What can I do about this?

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    Let her know that it is a turn off you can work through this thing together. She will probably get mad at you for curtailing her new found freedom but it is important to work this out so that you are both comfortable during sex. Or you can tell her and then a second later volunteer to do the dishes the next day it is hard to stay mad at a man who offers to help with the housework.

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  • well I know my audio has been told to me

    its one of the best...but I choose not to while my kids are living listening close by,

    Id rather be taking to a Private location Like a nice Resort.Then I dont have 2 hold back screaming..

    I can do it the way I did 3 years ago when I last got pregnant.But of course no communication would a lack of understanding would ever know..,lol.

    Its imbarrassing 2 do that when u have a family with a 11 year old RIGHT NEXT DOOR..HEARING THEIR PARENTS SOUND LIKE PERVERTS so its better 2 sound like ur making love instead OF SCREAMING SO THE WHOLE BLOCK CAN HEAR..,NEIGHBORS TOO..AND THE PPL inside the home > its called respect.

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    Some men consider this a turn on. She may have read or heard that somewhere. She probably thinks you like it. If it's a major turn off you need to tell her. Just make sure whenever you give corrective criticism the 5:1 rule. 5 positives for every negative. Make sure to remind her how beautiful she is and how you enjoy being physical with her. Just tell her in a nice way.

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    Shes cheating. She now just started screaming 3 weeks ago.

    Knock her out during sex problem solved!!!!!

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    She only started doing this 3 weeks ago? She's putting on an act. The question is.....why is she doing it? Ask her why she has started doing this and tell her it's a big turn off for you. It could be that's why she's doing it.

  • how is that a major turn off

    if the two of u are still having sex 3-4 times a week

    that makes no sense!!

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    My husband gets MAJOR turned on the more vocal I am during sex.

    One of her girlfriends likely told her to do it, or else she saw it on tv or in a movie.

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