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What do you women want in a loving relationship?

I am asking all the women and girls who read this question to think about this question and then reply.What do you genuinely want from a guy in a real loving relationship? What does it take to make the relationship work for you,and,work with you? What responsibilities should guys have and what responsibilities should women have in that relationship? Think along the lines of a relationship that you want to last forever.

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  • 8 years ago
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    In a loving relationship I would expect that he would be comfortable around me and I him. To the point where we can joke about anything, we know what pushes each other so we don't go there and a sense of understanding and acceptance of who I am and who he is. We don't have to like the same things but at least be open to it and accept that we can be different and respect opinions. A sense of love between us, like we have a connection, like we get each other.

    The guys responsibilities should be to have my back, he's someone who I would trust, and also he would know how to calm me down sometimes. Like knows that if I'm angry, knows how to distract me and make me laugh. As a woman I should also know these kind of things.

    Down the way, I want us to be able to do stuff together, and try new things, and even try out each others hobbies (not all but a few). Also we should be able to survive fight, I like to joke a lot so hopefully that will end any stupid fights (although I know I would cause my share) But at the end of the day we know we got each other's back.

    Also we should know that we don't have to be together 24/7 and we have lives outside of each other, but NO CHEATING! I don't mind a little jealousy and sometimes missing each other but not to the point that people think we're joined at the hip.

    I believe that the people in a relationship should share some of the work (equal standings). That doesn't mean we should keep track of every little thing, but at least we both feel that we're both putting work/time/thought into this relationship instead of just one all the time.

    There has to be investments from both sides so i know its serious.

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  • 6 years ago

    A kind man who is good in bed.

  • 6 years ago

    I need a woman that can be the monther of kids

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