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if North Korea keeps acting like this I think we need to take extreme action?

North Korea and its regime.

1) We know that N. Korea really has nuclear power; the main reason America always struggles.

2) Even if N. Korea always said they would do something and never did it, I fear it might be real this time;..

back in the 1950s North Korea attacked the South and it almost turned into World War 3.

there's no guarantee the new regime won't attack the South or America now.

I am currently living in the South near Seoul for a job and....although most South Koreans don't take North Korea's threats seriously since the North never really showed a sign of willing to attack since the armistice in 1953, I.....think America and South Korea need to give it some thought.

Many experts say North Korea won't, and, probably never attack Seoul and U.S. bases near Asia.

but this is NORTH KOREA we are dealing with; no one knows for sure.

North Korea is a state that starves its own citizens to death. already a crazy state for a ton of years.

now Kim Jong Un has ordered the closure of military hotlines to the South; this means that North Korea has no interest in peace with the South.

gosh N Korea is already the most isolated nation and does it really want to do this?

they also threatened to close down the Gaesong complex near the border.

WHAT is Kim Jong Un trying to do? make things worse for North korea?

i seriously wish the U.S.-led UN forces could teach Kim Jong Un a lesson and tell him to stop acting like a devil.

N Korea serves no good role in the world. everyone knows that.

why should americans and south koreans live under threat and increasing tensions just because of North Korea? i don't get it. Let’s use force on kim Jong Un and help South Korea take over the North. America's ally needs to get stronger.

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    If you really are in South Korea, then listen to the locals. They know a heck of a lot more than you do.

    They also know that they are the hostages in this situation. That, by extension, makes you one too.

    North Korea's ace in the hole is Seoul.

    If the shooting ever starts, it will start with a massive barrage on Seoul. It is estimated that North Korea can dump about 50,000 rounds of high explosive before US and South Korean aircraft can silence the artillery and rocket positions. During that time, thousands of South Koreans are going to die.

    Blasting Seoul will not win the war for North Korea, but it will surely prolong it. Which is what the NKs want.

    No sane person will want to be the cause of that many deaths. Which is why South Korea or the USA will not start a war.

    But with the guff coming out of the NK's you have to wonder if they lost a couple more marbles.

    Because what they say indicates more than a few screws are loose in their belfry

    Source(s): @nazia - By any chance is your computer happen to be sitting on a desk in Pyongyang? You must have skipped a bunch of your English classes.
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    Simply. NK is no Afghanistan or Iraq. Kim Jong is like if you want to screw us then let me screw you as well. In the end no one is a real winner. All I am saying is that USA and UK could only take out leaders from hopeless countries and I don;t think western leaders have the balls to wage a war with a country like NK. All of your suggestions are going to end up like pipe dreams. As they say, no one is dare to screw around with strong people only with less strong people. So that's how it is with nuclear capable countries like NK.

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    kim jong un is not like kim jong il

    he is rash and brash ,angry young kid ----->if driven to the extreme ,by constant american meddling in north korea south korea affairs ,who knows when the kid will get angry and when he might fry the south koreans and american soldiers based in south korea with his nuclear tipped TAEPODONG 2missiles

    good luck

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    yeh i agree. hammer Kim Jong un into the ground.

    just like iraq , the leaders strangely enough, are not so full of themselves or cocky once taken down.

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