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Looking for salt with lower sodium?

I found out that Kosher salt is much less sodium than regular table salt or sea salt. Of Kosher salt brands, "Diamond crystal" Kosher salt is lowest with 280 mg. per one-fourth tsp., while table salt and sea salt are 590 mg. per one-fourth tsp. Also, Kosher salt is said to taste more salty so you need less.

I wish I'd known this years ago, hope it helps those who need low sodium diets; heart failure, kidney failure, etc. Less sodium is better for everyone, too.


Devorah, please look on kosher salt labels, then look on regular table salt and sea salt slabel. You will find the answer there, the amount of 'sodium' in one-fourth teaspoon. That is your answer above, you can also speak with expert chefs and they will tell you the same thing. It is the way the Kosher salt is cut flat in flakes and the slightly larger grains with often a hollow center that contribute to much less sodium in fourth a tsp. in Kosher salt than in table salt and sea salt. Very important for heart failure, kidney failure, etc.

Update 2:

Divorah and others, Kosher salt such as "Diamond Cryatal" brand has small grains that look like light flakes, it really dissolves instantly and adheres to foods even better than table salt so I read and have seen myself. Thanks for your opinion though.

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    Kosher salt is chemically identical to table salt and does not have less sodium. It is sea salt that has less sodium than table salt.

    Kosher salt only seems saltier than table salt because it has much larger crystals that don't dissolve easily in food which results in pockets of salt.

    Edit: As salt is a mineral, it is always kosher unless something, such as flavourings, is added to it to render it not kosher. Salt comes in two main forms, table salt or sea salt, both of which are "kosher salt". Table salt, regardless of it being labeled as "kosher salt" or not is chemically identical. The only reason for a kosher version having less sodium is the shape of the crystals, the larger the crystal, the less actual salt in the teaspoon. The salt you are referring to does not have less sodium, it's that the larger flakes mean that less actual salt is in the teaspoon.

    Additional note, I grew up in a high end (black tie level) catering company and have worked as a professional cook .

    Source(s): Jewish with almost 30 years in the kosher food industry.
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