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After a break up my ex got too nervous to come near me again?Why is she unable to come near me?

My ex fiancee was going through a lot of stressful situations in her life at the time we were still together.Her life was falling apart.Things going wrong in her life.At some point we broke up.Despite trying to get back together again she has become too nervous to come near me.She would drive past and stop 2 houses away and get out the car.This was usually if I was out the front at the time she would stop,get out the car and try to talk to me.It never worked.She just wouldnt come near me.

This has been going on for ages.Her sister got involved trying to help the 2 of us talk.She would get out of the car,walk over to me and hand me her moblle phone(cell phone) and my ex and I would talk.This was an ongoing thing for ages.But now she's so nervous she wont even talk over the phone.Between my ex,her sister and I we are all frustrated.We have become strangers since.Her sister doesnt understand why I have given up.So she's upset about that too.

I finally gave up despite both women continue to turn up.I need to know what going on in her mind? Why is she too nervous to come near me? I know she is frustrated more than I am.I know her sister is trying to get the 2 of us to talk.and it is frustrated.How do I resolve this? I know her and I can never be together again.She just wont come near me.What am I supposed to do?


I think her stress might have caused her to be nervous.As time has gone on I think her nervousness got worse.Because of her nervousness I gave up on her ages ago.We both made mistakes at the time.

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  • 8 years ago
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    She had cold feet and maybe she wasnt ready to make such a big commitment it's nothing big just tell her that if she doesn't want to go through with it that it's cool and that you don't want to lose her over a small issue

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    8 years ago

    I am thinking something must have happened to cause this sudden nervousness on your ex's part. Why did you break up? was the breakup amicable?

    It sounds like a complex situation and I think more information about the breakup might be needed to answer better. If you dont plan to get back together with her then why is it important that you know what's happening in her mind? You should just leave her alone and move on. Perhaps one day she will talk to you when she is ready.

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