why was the united states paying for 80% of Frances expenses to fight a civil war in vietnam?

for history final

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  • 7 years ago
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    "Heathcliffe" -- It was President Truman who started supplying arms and supplies to France during the First Indochina War (War of Independence 1946-1954). This was done under the "Marshall Plan:. It included military supplies along with aircraft plus military pilots flying supply missions from 1948 onwards and flying combat missions from 1949 onwards.

    Eisenhower only continued what Truman started.

    The "National Liberation Front of Southern Vietnam" (NLF), which most people inaccurately call the Viet Cong, was not established until December 1959. What the French were fighting was the "Peoples Army of Vietnam" (PAVN) which the American OSS (forerunner of the CIA) had helped establish along with arming and training in 1944 to fight the Japanese and Vichy French. The nationalist political arm was called the Viet Minh.


    The reason that Truman aided the French was that the US was paranoid about the spread of countries with socialist governments and employed the policy of "containment". In the view of Americans, no country may be "neutral" but is either anti-communist or pro-communist.

    Source(s): A former TV news cameraman and journalist with over 30 years in the industry in Australia and Southeast Asia, including as a War Correspondent during the Second Indochina (Vietnam) War. Currently a SE Asian historian.
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    After World War Two France was broke and the US was rich. The US didn't want the Communists taking over Vietnam and wanted France to join NATO. It seemed like a good deal to the US to give the French money and the French were the ones dying in Vietnam.

    This was okay until France lost the battle of Dien Bien Phu in 1954 which led to the Communists taking over North Vietnam. The US then started to send advisors to help the South Vietnamese fight the Communists but then started sending in a lot soldiers starting in 1965. Let me know if you want to know more.

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  • 7 years ago

    Eisenhower & Dulles wanted to stop communism anywhere that they thought it was possible.

    Being the French had the will to fight at the time & the leadership that was confident of victory one think led to another.

    Even during the Truman administration we were somewhat assisting the French in Indochina.

    What was sort of a civil war really was a war of aggression by the Viet Mihn communist & a general uprising by the Viet Cong against the French colonial rule & then against the Diem government.

    China & Russia had their noses in the mix as well even thought ethnic Chinese who lived in N. Vietnam were not considered loyal to the commie cause in many cases.

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  • 4 years ago

    Yes, from 1861 to 1865, the us govt fought the southern states that tried to leave the USA and form the confederate States of the united states. It is mentioned that the South cut up off for States rights. The us won the struggle and the U.S. Used to be more unified and slavery was once abolished.

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    I am not at all sure of the 80% figure but it was an enormous amount in people, equipment and loss of American life.

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