if you had the money to travel for a year, where would you go?


your moon, any 9th house placements? have you ever been away from home for long periods of time?

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    7 years ago
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  • 7 years ago

    Ahh so many places I will list them :)

    Sydney, Australia

    Atlanta, Georgia

    Brockville, Canada

    Oahu, Hawaii

    The United Kingdom


    El Salvador


    I could go on further :)

    I am a Leo Moon I do not know my 9th House Placements and no...I have not been away from home for long periods of time.. :)

  • 7 years ago

    i would spend some time in southern spain, southern france and paris, tour italy a bit. germany i suppose as well. have a stop over in belgium. visit the countries of the UK. maybe go to romania, see if i can find some vampires Lol.

    then come back to the US, california, new york, massachusetts, florida, hawaii and puerto rico

    moon scorpio 2H, no 9th house placements. taurus on 9th cusp. i was in salamanca, spain for 5 months . hated it. but i was only 21 then.

    one thing i'll tell you about me is that comfort is very important to me at all times, not much less when traveling. i'm not fond of 3rd world countries, and i'm very hostile towards hostels, i must stay in at least a 3 star hotel. and countries that make you pay for the bathroom get on my nerves.and i know i listed a few but well whatever, this is fantasy, i don't have the money to "go traveling for a year" anyway lol. i would like to maybe move to one of those states i listed though, or heck one of those euro countries would be great too but ya know how hard that is to immigrate.

  • 7 years ago

    I live in texas rightnow so id fly to san diego ca stay for a week or two cause i havent been to my home town in 19 yrs im 39 now! Then id fly to seattle and stay a week. And den Honolulu Havaiieee for 2 months and den Guam where my family is from for 2 or 3 months and den Edo and Tokyo Japan for 1 mon and den New Zealand for 2 weeks Samoa Tahiti a week a piece. Argentina then Brazil 2 weeks . Romania and Czechlovakia a week each . Madagascar New delia India 1week ea. .Hong Kong China Bangkok Thailand Hanoi Vietnam Okinawa Japan 2 weeks ea.. Back to USA Lincoln NE. Portland MA New Oreleans LA. leave USA again Aruba, Cabo san lucas Mex. a week ea. Lost track then id go back home to Portland TX.

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  • 7 years ago

    New zealand! Beautiful nature and I have family there...and it is very long from home!

    Pisces moon and north node (Aquarius) in 9th house...and aqua 9th house too:S So I guess it would be nice for me to go out and talk with strangers:P

  • 7 years ago

    Bora Bora, Tahiti, China, etc etc. - a place where there is a large body of water and a bunch of trees and tropical fruits. An exotic place where I can have adventure and sight see and make memories.

    Virgo Moon

    No 9th house placement...dunno what that is.

  • gemini
    Lv 6
    7 years ago

    First, Austria. I've been before but I never got to leave the airport lol. I would go to Hallstatt, it looks like it belongs in a fairytale O__O soooo pretty.


    I'd go skiing and eat apple strudel and buy a sexy Trapper hat. I always wanted an excuse to buy a hat like that. http://www.womanaroundtown.com/wp-content/uploads/...

    Iceland. It looks strange and magical, and any place that believes in this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hulduf%C3%B3lk has to be totally amazing ^__*

    Beijing. When I was a kid, there was this video game I used to play. You had to travel to different places around the world, and each capital city had a theme song (an annoying, electro Japanese sounding theme song. I played them so much my mom threatened to throw my Gameboy into the ocean if I didnt start using earphones). I really loved the theme song for Beijing, so ever since I was a kid, its somewhere I always wanted to go; and I also want to get a toy panda and a kimono.

    Shanghai. It looks like the future *___*

    New York City during the fall (like late Sept/Oct). I don't mean to sound weird, but I kind of want to see the 9/11 memorial/museum. Not out of morbid curiousity, but because its a piece of world history

    North Korea. I'd be kind of scared to go but I think it looks super interesting

    Tehran. A lot of people are always like 'why would you go there?' you know, because of the whole America/Iran relationship, but I hear the majority of the Persians are super nice to any foreign tourists they happen to get (and they're usually super beautiful too), and I just think their history/culture is so exotic and amazing. Like check out all the stuff they invented - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Culture_of_Iran#Contr...

    Also, Iran has tea houses o__O wowww <3

    California, cause I wanna see if Cali Disney is better than Florida Disney. I never seem to get the chance to see other Disneylands, like when I was a kid I went to France 8 times, and we were just 1 hour away from Euro Disney, but my dad never let me go x____x

    Cairns, Australia. My last name is Cairnes, so yeah that's pretty much the only reason I want to go there xD

    Romania - they have all those beautiful romantic looking castles, and if I remember correctly, they invented Dracula. Rawr ;)

    BQ: I've been away from home for long periods of time, both as a kid and as an adult. I love travelling though; like I could wake up in the Far East tomorrow and be totally excited. As long as I have the right accessories, and a phrase book, I just adapt :P

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  • ᴘɪA
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    7 years ago

    wow... so many people would like to visit India.. Perhaps I should open some service to aid users from Y!A coming to India.. ^_~

    Anyway, I would really love to visit Australia or South Korea.. Though if possible I would like to visit every country in the world, those 2 countries are on the very top of my list..

    And.. I have been living away very far away from my home for about a year now..

    Sidereal Pisces Moon 8H // Aries Mercury in 9H

    Tropical Aries Moon 8H // Taurus Mercury in 9H

  • Lv 7
    7 years ago

    Tokyo and Hokkaido from Japan, Maldive, Paris, Venice, Korea, Amsterdam, Great Wall of China, Egypt, Area 51 (if I can make it in alive), Carribean, Hawaii, and Scotland.

    I was away home for 2 months so it wasn't that long.

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  • 7 years ago

    Fiji, Hawaii, Italy, Brazil, and Philippines

    Virgo Moon

    Gemini 9th, no planets

    Nope but I'll be going soon.

  • FULL MOON TAURUS in 9th House.. With Grand Earth trine, Which equals Grand-Kite with Scorpio.

    Iwish Icould Visit "October of 6th, EGYPT"

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