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Is the Prepaid Paypal Mastercard website down today or is it just me ?

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    I have never seen anything to beat this. I am out of town at a Hotel that I needed to pay for YESTERDAY and can't log in to transfer any money. This is REALLY getting old. The people at PayPal could AT LEAST put an update on their homepage saying there is a problem and maybe an expected fix time. I called YESTERDAY morning and they said it should be fixed within a couple hours and I'm still locked out of my money...


    Source(s): I called PayPal - they were NO HELP!
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    Paypal Prepaid Card Login

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    I am so sick of this. Such poor customer service and nobody knows anything. I'm out of town at a hotel and couldn't transfer my money to pay so I got kicked out. NICE GOING PAYPAL!

    When I called PayPal yesterday, I was able to speak with a supervisor and she said she would see to it that some kind of 'down notice' or SOMETHING was put on the site but still nothing.

    When calling to complain about this, Call PayPal directly at: 888-221-1161- DO NOT CALL the number on the back of the card because that actually goes to NetSpend and when you tell them the site is down they don't understand you and keep saying our site is up... well yes the NetSpend site is up but the PayPal-Prepaid site is DOWN... They cannot understand me. FRUSTRATING!


    I am looking for a similar company to work with from here out and just stop using PayPal all together. Anyone know anything good about the new Google Wallet? If I find something I will post the information here.

    Source(s): PayPal Customer Service: 888-221-1161
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    Paypal Prepaid Login

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    Paypal Prepaid Mastercard

    6/15/13 (Evening PST) Could not login

    6/16/13 (Early AM) Called Customer Service -- please wait 2 hours

    6/16/13 (Early Afternoon) Called Customer Service -- please wait 24 hours

    6/17/13 (Early Morning) Called Customer Service -- CS cannot make funds transfers.

    6/17/13 (10:11 AM PST) Still cannot log in

    6/17/13 (2:50 pm PST) Still cannot log in / transfer funds -- called Paypal -- thought he could help, but simply put me in the phone queue for Paypal prepaid.

    Other Info:

    Customer Service informs me that funds can be transferred using the main Paypal interface, but funds will not be available on MasterCard until 2 days later.

    Paypal Prepaid MasterCard web interface will be down indefinitely.

    Source(s): PayPal Prepaid MasterCard 1-866-753-6440
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    I tried to transfer money yesterday but could not log in to my prepaid account. I called customer service and was told it would be up in 24 hours but its still not up...I just called customer service again and they said the website is still down and they have no idea when it will be up and running again! I thought PayPal was a big company? How unprofessional! They can't even inform their customers of what's going on or how long the system is going to be down?

  • It's down, which sucks, because I just got paid for a big freelance job through PayPal and now can't access the money. I called them and got a rep who told me it "might" be working again in 24-48 hours, then a supervisor told me two hours. (Two hours = wrong.) I had to scrape change out of my backpack and purse to get on the subway, go to a friend's place, PayPal her, and have her go to her bank and withdraw the money. Thank goodness for rich friends, or I wouldn't have been able to get home from work tomorrow or eat this weekend. PayPal can bite it.

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    7 years ago

    ive been having the same problem since yesterday. i did notice before my account was made unavailable that there was a posting about security measures being taken for prepaid card use in a few countries, but usa wasnt on there, and from what i remember it was only for atm and bank withdrawls. i really didnt pay much attention to it since i am stateside, and dont use my card at any atm, but still it caught my attention. my only thoughts is that some major hacking or something might have happened, and they are reluctant to address it publicly.

    Source(s): a victim too.
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    7 years ago

    Down for us too......called, was just told they were working on it and there was nothing they could some others have said, I need access to my money by tomorrow, am going out of town and that is my gas money!!

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    It's been down for me for days too

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