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What was the Vietnam War about, and why was the US involved?

What exactly was the conflict about in this war, and why was the US apart of it?

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    It was all about the communist Nation, U.S was involved because they was afaird if one nation full to the communist all other nation will full to the communist.

    Source(s): U.S history /u.s and vietnam war.
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    The U.S. Intervened to hinder Vietnam from breaking away from Western manage and setting up along an independent path. There used to be no actual justification given to the U.S. Population other than the usual stopping "communism" nonsense. The most important trouble the U.S. Faced was that the Vietnamese humans weren't equipped to just lie down and die. One other was that the U.S. Military was almost always made of conscripts who weren't crazy about combating an aggressive war in opposition to a tiny and powerless nation. The U.S. Officially lost, however it acquired most of what it desired: it destroyed the nation, poisoned the food deliver, and left landmines for kids to prefer up and get killed via. To nowadays, the U.S. Has but to make an apology, pay reparations to it is victims, or make any effort to clean up the ordnance that it left in the back of throughout it's murderous assault. It should be famous that the assault wasn't undertaken because Vietnam used to be strategically essential, it used to be performed in view that if Vietnam would reap self-decision, different countries can have noticeable that as an illustration and labored to throw off imperial domination.

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    vietnam were fagits so we went in a kiled them

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    to stop Soviet communist expansion

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