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Self-Employed AND Employed: Minimum Before Obligated To Pay Taxes?

I think asking this question would be easier if i provided a scenario, so here we go:

Let's say I am an 18-year-old dependent who has never filed taxes before. I am self-employed as an independent contractor, but my income for the year was LESS than $400. Like, say, $300. If I became employed, what would be most I could make before I would be obligated to file for taxes?

What's the run-down on identifying whether or not you need to file for taxes if you are both self-employed and employed?

I will provide additional details if it is needed to produce an accurate answer.

Thank you.

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    If you have a job and self employment then all the self employment is reportable.

  • Judy
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    7 years ago

    If you make 6100 or more, even if your se income is less than 400, you'd owe tax. If you file for any reason, even if just for a refund, you have to show the se income.

  • tro
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    7 years ago

    you are exempt up to $6100 of earnings

    self employment net under $400 is also not subject to self employment tax

  • 7 years ago

    if you earn over $400 from your regular job, you are required to claim all money you earn from self-employment.

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