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Did I do the right thing? :'(?

Well we had a 17 year old cat. She was a sweetheart. We took her in because her original owners didnt let her in the house, nor did they feed her she was also deaf. Well.. We had a plan to get her euthanized. When we first got her.. She had a sore paw with a bad infection, and she had ear mites. We took her to the vet multiple times to get her treated. We got rid of the ear mites but her paw just wouldn't heal and the infection came back. She's been constipated for a while now.. Today she threw up and kept going to the litterbox. Literally for half a hour straight. Going back and forth. She peed and did her other business... But still kept going back to the litterbox. I looked around and seen drops of blood. That's when I knew she had rectal bleeding I guess. She also kept trying to hide. Mostly behind the fireplace. But tried getting behind our tv. Either way my moms boyfriend and my mom went to put her down. Did we do the right thing? :( I feel so terrible..


Her paw was badly infected. It smelled terrible. We brought her to the vet well over 20 times.... She wouldn't stop getting sick. The infection would NOT go away! It was like there was no way she could be healthy again! :( thanks for making me feel like a piece of **** guys..

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    Awwe honey :( I think you done what was in the best interests of your cat. You ended her pain and she would be thankful for that. I'm sorry for your loss honey. <3

    Let me tell you my story.. my beautiful baby, Daisy Mae came in to my life when he was 6 weeks old. He didn't have the greatest start in life. He was found by a building site with his siblings. His mama had passed away :) one of the workmen took the kittens home and looked after them.

    We brought, Daisy home on 18th June 2008 - which is also my dad's birthday. We thought he was a girl, hence for the name. It wasn't until he was around 10 months old that we realised he was actually a boy! :) by then it was too late to change his name as he responded to 'Daisy' or 'Daisy Mae' and I still continued to buy him everything pink! Lol

    He was the sweetest little man. He was a very, very nervous cat and didn't like very many people. Just myself and a few others. I put this down to his not so good start in life.

    Daisy had been unwell for around a week. He didn't eat or use his tray, he just lay in my bed for days. I took him to the vet and he was badly dehydrated, aneamic, had a heart murmur and an intestine obstruction and he needed surgery quickly. He came through the surgery with what the vet found was just an enlarged liver and I got him home on the Friday. I hoped he was getting better, I was by his side the whole weekend, and come Monday he still hadn't ate any food, he was back to being dehydrated and he was just wetting himself in my bed. He was also sleeping with his eyes open. My heart was breaking, I knew he was dying and on February the 27th 2012 he got rushed straight back to the vets and tests were done and we found he had actually been poisoned and his little organs were failing. He was suffering badly and wouldn't have lasted much more than a few days. He was way to precious to let suffer any longer and so I made the difficult decision to let him go. Free him from pain. He was my first fur-baby and that is by far the hardest thing I've ever had to do! It tore my world apart! I didn't get out of bed unless I needed to pee! I lay with his blanket and bawled my eyes out or days on end! The night he died, I had a dream. I was sleeping in my dream and I was aware that Daisy had died and I felt him jump on my bed and climb on my chest, like he always use to do :) I could see him but very vaguely. I could touch him but also very vaguely. I knew then that I had made the right choice. He was back to his normal self. I believe it wasn't a dream, that it was real. He continued to visit me, strange things were happening, especially when my sister's Yorkie was in - Daisy hated dogs.

    Daisy hadn't made his mark on this earth and so a few weeks after he passed away, the tiniest, most beautiful white kitten popped up on my facebook page! She was 3-4 weeks from being able to leave her mama and was looking for a furever home. I've always loved white cats! They're so beautiful. I then found out the this little angel was born in the early hours of February 28th 2012.. Coincidence or pure fate? I believe she was meant to be mine and so I named her Princess Mitzy :)

    She is so like, Daisy! Her personality, her temperament. She also only likes a few people. She came to me with brand new things, bed, bowls, toys etc but she wanted Daisy's things. I believe my Daisy mae is a part of Mitzy :) I'll never forget, Daisy and I'll treasure Mitzy until death do us part.

    You'll never forget your fur-baby but a new wee fur ball to love and care for will help you cope with your grief. How bout adopting a cute little baby :) there are so many cats and kittens looking for a loving mama, just like you :) I wouldn't worry about your brother either. Sometimes boys are insensitive to these things.

    I made a Rainbow Bridge page in memory of, Daisy. A page where people could come by and share their stories, pictures etc and speak with people who understand how it feels to lose a pet. You are welcome any time. :)


    Mitzy and her adopted baby sister, Maisie also have their own page.


    Thank you for taking the time to read my story and come chat anytime sweetie. <3 Claire xoxox

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    Yes, you absolutely did the right thing! I'm sorry but to all those idiots out there who are like 'wow, why would you kill a cat?' You are complete dumbasses. If a cat is 17, suffering from rectal bleeding, severe diarrhea after being severely constipated and if being sick, there is definitely something severely wrong with her. If a cat has a recurrent paw infection, that already implies her immune system wasn't strong enough to deal with infection, so whatever what going on with this poor puss was probably hell!

    If she kept trying to hide, the chances are she was probably going to try and find somewhere to die in dignity anyway, as cats don't like to die in front of their owners.

    You absolutely did the right thing, do not listen to those idiots! I'm sure they would feel differently if they were going through what the poor kitty had been going through!

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    Her behavior in trying to hide says she was feeling really unwell. At her age the likelihood of being able to cure whatever the health issues were would have been very small. And at 17 she had a full life. It is always very hard to make these decisions. The only way you can decide is to determine what is best for the cat, not the owner. Your vet is always the best resource for answers about prolonging life but still having quality of life. The only thing you can do as owner is be kind to your cat and not let her suffer. Which you didn't. I hope this helps. I'm sorry for your loss.

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    Even though I don't like the thought of putting a cat down, I do believe that you did the right thing. The cat was probably in pain and was suffering. She was also really old. This cat has had a long life, and I'm sure she appreciated that you tried to help her.

    I think I have heard before that cats hide before they are going to die because they want to find a place of comfort and safety...

    I hope this helps you! And I am truly sorry about your cat!

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    Wow...so you killed a cat because it seemed sick and wouldn't live. Personally no, I don't think you did the right thing, but if you look at it from another point of view, yes. Because the cat was probably suffering, there was no use letting it suffer any longer, then die. It would make more sense to just kill it now to stop the suffering.

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    well, if your cat was in pain, this was honestly the best thing to do. if you really wanted to, you could have definitely kept it.. because it would have gotten better (because it would have probably gotten better in a week or two). But, putting it down when the cat was in pain put it out of its misery, so you did stop the pains from your cat. really keeping it would have been fine, but i think you did the right thing. :) sorry for your loss:'(

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    Thats a tough one, and you have my condolences.

    If she was still able to eat and walk around, it may have been a bit premature to have her put down, when a suppository may have helped. But it does sound like she may have been in pain. And if your folks didn't have the money or willingness to get her another vet visit for the blood droplets, maybe it was for the best.

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    No. :(

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