Why do some Christians demonize me?

I am LDS or Mormon and some other Christians demonize me, saying that I follow Satan. I feel nothing but love for them. Is Satan the God of love?


Sola Scriptura - Why is your opinion better than my opinion?

Update 2:

tzadiq - I'm not a whiner. I stand up for what I believe. It's funny how no one except Mormons apologize when I point out their mistakes. When did pride become a virtue?

Update 3:

Bassist - I would never call you that. Does that make me sanctimonious? Or civil?

Update 4:

Travis - Sorry, if you just pointed out that you have a different opinion, that isn't the same thing. But if you have compelling evidence, then that is something else altogether. People are always telling me that it doesn't say such and such in the Bible. When I point out the scripture where it does say exactly what I taught, I hear either crickets (nothing at all) or they move on to some other ridiculous accusation. I'm not in the habit of making ridiculous accusations about other churches. Why do so many people act like experts on mine?

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  • 8 years ago
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    I believe they feel it is necessary to do that otherwise they may begin to doubt their church. In some cases, their pastors will even preach that we are of the devil

  • 8 years ago

    Because people always put down things/people they don't understand or are afraid of.

    You know what you believe. Christ knows what you believe. Doesn't really matter what the other "Christians" believe about you... and you know that.

    They don't understand that the bible literally says a "good tree" cannot bring for bad fruit, nor a bad tree bring forth good fruit. No man can serve two masters. It literally is not so, and it is a well-received tool of satan which confuses man in this regard. They think they can sin and as long as they are saved, all is well! It is just not so. They do not understand that even a church just named after Christ, satan would not be a part of. There are many reasons they do what they do, and satan is at the root of all of those reasons, whether those people know it or not. He is waiting there to creep into all their doubts, fears and unrest.

    It really is sad, that so many are deceived by the adversary.

    I enjoy all your answers.

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  • Zwise
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    8 years ago

    Join the club. Christ himself told his disciples they would be hated & persecuted for his names sake. That they would even kill his followers, thinking they were doing God a service. Today we even have a world faith that does that to all who are not a part of them. But Christians?

    Look at it this way: Because we teach the great apostasy and a restoration doctrine, and virtually all truly God fearing Christian people who hear His voice, honestly pray and ferret out the truth for themselves depart from the other Christian sects to join us, trained and Paid professional ministers look upon us as plunderers of their congregations. Since they run their churches like a business, it's important that they keep their flock (customers) intact, otherwise donations suffer as they lose their most valuable faithful people. Worse yet, they lose them to a church of lay ministers with whom they cannot compete on equal grounds.

    Thus they have no choice but to resort to Satanic tactics that include attacking the messenger, distorting our doctrines then disproving the distortions, demonizing anything and everything they can about us. What was Satan's promise in the beginning? I will force all to be good and thus save everyone? Today he parades as an angel of light, showing himself in every good light according to the precepts of men that he might deceive the nations. Many today unwittingly are trained in his ways to follow his evil tactics thus they know not what they do in reality. It's all part of our fallen nature as men of the world. Let's just say it's all part of the deal, the promises the Lord said would be fulfilled in us.

    That's why.

  • Neerp
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    8 years ago

    I believe that in these last days we will see more and more of what we hold dear come under attack. Food storage is now hoarding, and is "bad". Homosexuality is out of the closet and we are "bad" for not embracing it. The family unit as we know it, one of the most sacred things to us, is slowly fading from society and we are "bad" and "wrong" for insisting that marriage is between a man and a woman. You believe something not found in the Bible, so you are evil/cultist/wrong/etc.

    And the attacks against our doctrine and beliefs is also escalating. And most of the attacks are ludicrous - to us - but believable to the ignorant who just don't know better. Those that should be our friends and partners in the war of degrading and vanishing moral values, instead are among our enemies.

    I'm afraid it is just going to get worse. How much worse is hard to say. Before the Savior visited the Nephites, their government crumbled and they formed into tribes and local groups. I'm wondering if things will get that bad here? We are already a nation divided, and the divide is just getting worse. The liberals have tasted blood, and - for example - if we elect a Republican president during the next presidential election, the so-called tolerant liberals will riot in the streets like they never have before. It will be pandemonium. And that is barely the beginning of how bad it is going to get.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I wouldn't say demonize, but I believe you worship another Jesus not mentioned in the bible. This Jesus could be married depending on what the LDS preaches today. He also suffered in the garden for your sins, my Jesus suffered for my sins on the cross, also why would your Jesus even go up on a cross if that was not enough, and you guys still need to do more to ensure your eternity with God, also your God is different, he may have been married as well, your HG is a spirit child of God, your Temple has wiccan symbols on it, I know, I know, you guys claim they are not used anymore, but the freemasons and Wiccans still use the Pentagram and other symbols. Why would you even use a symbol that you say was evil at one time??? I think the Adam and Eve story is what I am really upset about. They had to sin in order to progress and become Gods and Goddesses. Also you guys believe stealing is not as big as murder, to Christians a sin is a sin and it can keep a person out of heaven.

  • 8 years ago

    So many Christians become so bigoted to members of other denominations because they forget the point of Christianity itself and just get caught up in what the leaders of one denomination are saying. If you accept god's son Jesus as you savior then you are a christian and don't let any bigot tell you differently. I consider myself a non-denominational christian because when people lose themselves by listening to some random human who claims to be able to speak for god they forget what being a christian is really about and make the entire religion look bad

  • 8 years ago

    Many Christians feel that unless you are a member of the same Christian denomination that they are members of you will be going to Hell when you die.

    I recommend asking the people that say these things to you why their souls are so full of hate. Based upon experience, this can often open the door to honest discussion and perhaps even acceptance.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    LDS have a lot of wrong doctrine, BUT I also noticed they really look

    into some things extremely well, better than other groups.

    You likely can't help your belief, but there's a lot especially about Jesus Christ

    which puts you in danger re: salvation.

    They should never say YOU follow Satan but that this religion has

    satanical aspects to it.

    When it is about Jesus Christ, it is more serious.

    And I'm sure you do want to have love and follow the bible also.

  • Tzadiq
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    8 years ago

    Maybe perhaps they demonize you because your a whiner not a mormon.. did that thought ever cross your mind. I'd rather hear nails on a chalkboard than a whiner whining cause he isn't universally loved by all.

    Do you Mormon friends like you? Then what do you care what some heathen meer Christian thinks

    Grow up.

  • 8 years ago

    People often find it difficult to understand someone's opinion when it differs from theirs. You don't think exactly like me and I am led by God, so you must be evil and led by Satan. They think that if they agree with you on one thing then their own faith and belief is slipping away.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago


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