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what issues and themes is david hockney interested in?

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    Hockney is one of my favorite artists. He's a very interesting painter, and has dealt with a lot of different themes throughout his career.

    He became famous in the 60's for painting domestic California spaces, such as swimming pools, home interiors, and portraits. The swimming pools often depicted nude male figures, and often times, himself.

    Some themes in this era of works would be: domestic spaces, modern life and leisure, sexuality.

    He took up photography in the mid 1970s, and it changed how he approached painting. He became fascinated with different view-points, and how our eyes can only focus on one object at a time in any given setting. Around this time, he began taking photo-collages that would juxtapose dozens of photos that would create a single, fragmented image, that he felt was closer to the reality of how we see things.

    Themes in this group of works would be: modes of representation, mechanical reproduction, fragmentation.

    More recently, he began to think about psychological representation -- that is, what appears bigger in our minds, not just in our eyes. Since the 1980's, he's worked on large, fragmented paintings, similar to the approach he took with the photo-collage, however there was more emphasis put on what he sees, psychologically. This resulted largely in exaggerated color, scale, and form.

    Hockney is an artist's artist -- that is, one who never stops evolving and pushing to cover new artistic ground. It's always exciting to discover what he's working on.

    Source(s): I've read a few books about him.
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    Landscapes, seasons and environment are the subjects of his latest works.

    An earlier theme is swimming pools.

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