Who does real Muay Thai...if you dare. I know something I bet you don't.?

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I ask who does real Muay Thai??

Update 2:

@ Michael. Lol I'm not bashing at all. Big guy. I'm assuming there is an area that these Muay fighters have not experienced. I'm trying to find who has done true Muay training and fighting. You can say what you've done. I'm just here to figure who is real or not. That's all. Shoot Muay is bad azzzz if its real. No bashing. Just asking. Lol. Gary

Update 3:

Actually I will simplify this easier understanding. I have friends who have endeavored on there quest in Muay. They are descendants of Muay. Full Thailand. I was invited to join one of these um. Places. What do they do for the first 8 months of training. Heck I probably just gave you the answer huh. Lol. Answer and be right and I will reward you with points lol

Update 4:

@ call. I guess you don't unless you know where it's roots lie. I have gained a special knowledge that may help me find a real Muay fighter.

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    I understand you love your art, but you don't need to be one of those "style bashing" d-bags. There are more than enough of those. Why don't you act like the grown up you are and be respectful of other people and arts.

  • 8 years ago

    How do you define "real" Muay Thai? As opposed to imaginary Muay Thai, I guess?

  • up down left right red blue applesauce?

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    Saggat was a real person!?

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