Has anyone ever done a spear hand in real fight?


Mack Like Do-San huh

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  • 8 years ago
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    Sadly Yes I had to. In high school I did theater arts. There was lot of drama on theater arts, mostly girls making drama. However, there was this one girl who was very belligerent, she would regularly use violence to get her way and would always confront someone if she felt insulted and violence would usually break out. One night back stage, she confronted me because I told her stop talking back stage as the audience could hear her. She then started swinging her arms at me and out of discretion, I just took the hits. She was much smaller than me, and I could have seriously hurt her. As the attack continued, I soon realized that she was not going to stop. I used a knife hand block, followed by a spear hand to her solar plexus. The screamed out of pain and limped away. This story could upset some users. "Hitting a girl how dare you." I say I could have done a lot worse. All I had to do differently was instead strike her throat instead of her solar plexus.

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  • Kokoro
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    8 years ago

    yes, considering that the kata application is a throw, a lock or and arm bar, in most instance i have used it a few times.

    the way technqiues are done and there applications are not always apparent. you need to use the technique between the motions and not just look at it at the stop and end point.

    here take a look at these questions i posted to help people understand kata







    if anything the actual strike is a soft tissue, although i do use a finger tip strike on harder areas of the body, but my intent is different.

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