Have you ever talked your way outta a fight. How?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Almost every month I do it if not every week. I have had some street confrontations of a level of violence rarely seen, been beaten up several times, but most of the times I use my polite language to walk out of a fight.

    Source(s): Karate since 1997/Krav Maga since 2009.
  • 8 years ago

    Endless times.....I used to live in places were brawling was very common. I will give a few examples. Don't do this at home except if you are way too familiar with situations like these.

    5 guys approached me once outside of a club. One of them asked me if I wanted to become a pornstar. I smiled and said yes, where are the girls? He turned from the other side I turned him back and asked him again. Where are the girls.? They all left.

    2 guys tried to take a bag from me from behind. I added a bit of strength in my grip let them tried for a few seconds and then start laughing. The walked away fast with out looking behind.

    2 guys tried to pick on a guy that I knew. They opened as he was walking rubbing their hands. I approached rubbing my hands and smiling. I asked them what is going on, and they said sorry we thought he wanted to fight us. We spoke a bit in a friendly manner and they left.

    One time at a club a bouncer was not letting a girl that I knew to take her bag. The club was closing and the bag had fallen behind a fruit game machine. He didn't want the machine to be moved. I asked him politely he refused, I asked to see the manager he refused, I moved the machine a bit wildly with a different attitude and ask for the manager again. He left and came back with the manager and all the bouncers. They moved the machine we took the bag and we left in a friendly manner.

  • 8 years ago

    I've talked my way out of several fights.

    I really don't know how exactly to explain my way of doing it though. I have a particular way of talking to instigators that I learned from my neighborhood in general.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I don't fight people I know I can beat.

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